Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Even The Newspaper Wants To Slow Down The Billion Dollar KCI Burns & Mac Bidding War

The Mayor has Kansas City rushing into a BIG decision with very little time to think about options or alternatives. Here's the an important newspaper editorial regarding the busted process. Take a peek:

Editorial: Kansas City Council should extend deadline for KCI proposals

Kansas City's muddled process for seeking bids on a new airport terminal grew murkier Monday - clear evidence the process is moving too quickly. The City Council should insist on extending the deadline for submitting proposals or require City Manager Troy Schulte to do so.


Anonymous said...

Da, ya think!

Anonymous said...

Quite a bold stance for the Star. What a piece of shit that fish wrap has become.

Anonymous said...

Did the Star ask for permission before printing that. If not they better check their tax exemptions.

Anonymous said...

Why spend money on an airport when you can give more of it to a broken down insignificant newspaper? Makes sense.

Anonymous said...

first the leadership tried to cloak the rigged deal in a sophisticated-sounding term swiss auction, trusting that even semi-smart people would confuse it with a dutch auction.

now, likely to quiet the outrage, they've said they're withdrawing the so-called swiss auction rigging.

but see if what they're saying now seems rigged or not. from the star today:

schulte said monday that a swiss challenge is not part of the city's municipsl procurement code providions. however, he said the procurement code does allow for a best and final selection round of proposals, and HE WOULD SUPPORT BURNS & MCDONNELL BEING INCLUDED IN THAT PROCESS.

does that sound like a transparent, good-faith competition or a subtle description of a rigged deal?

Anonymous said...

KCMO is not allowed to manage its police department or its school system because it has historically proven incapable of doing so.

Why would one think it could manage a billion-plus construction project?

Anonymous said...

The small terminal will allow for demands for a second terminal to bubble up in a couple of years. That would expand the project from a mere $1 billion to maybe $3 billion. Remember that the exclusive right to build FUTURE improvements is in the MOU.

The payday go on and on.

Anonymous said...

10:41am is right, but actually doesn't go quite far enough.
KCMO is incapable of fixing a street pothole without leaving a metal plate (or recently some plywood) over the hole for months.
And incapable of operating and maintaining sewer and water systems.
Or maintaining an airport terminal building.
Or Kemper Arena.
Or the roof on Bartle Hall.
You get the picture.
Amateur celebrity politico wannabes ignoring their responsibilities and playing at being "developers".
Disneyland on the plains.