Friday, June 02, 2017

Craig Welcomes Jimmie Walker To Stanfords


Our pal Craig talks his weekend plans . . .

Craig Glazer: Comedy Icon Jimmie JJ Walker This Weekend At Stanfords

Jimmie JJ 'Kid Dynomite' Walker will take the stage at Stanfords Comedy Club, Legends, this weekend. Jimmy never stops being in big demand these days. Walker was in Robert Dinero's movie 'Comedian' and is now on this summer's Network Stars TV show. JJ was even practicing his basketball skills for the show right here in KC at the gym near Legends KCK. Andrew Dice Clay just asked JJ to be on his new tv series, while Walker is a regular on the Las Vegas circuit, where he lives. Jimmy travels the world doing stand up comedy every year.

Walker's career is now legendary. His best known show and its still on seven days a week worldwide, 'Good Times' made him a household name years ago. Like Jimmie says, 'you'll never see another tv series about a poor black family again.' I agree. From there JJ was on Everyone Hates Chris, Scrubs, movies including Airplane and Uptown Saturday Night. David Letterman and Jay Leno wrote for Jimmy and Letterman had Walker on his show several times a year his entire run.

I have known Jimmie Walker for nearly 30 years. He started in KC with me at Stanfords back in the early 90's. Along with people like Tommy Chong, Carlos Mencia and Pablo Francisco, I'd have to rank Jimmy as my closest friend of all the name stars I've worked with for decades. Walker has been at Stanfords maybe 30 times over the past many years. He sure likes doing his bits on all the 'reality' shows and how silly and funny they are by accident. Yes Jimmie is a fun show and a great guy. Walker never drank or did drugs, ever. You can catch Jimmy and I on Facebook Live today talking over the biz and old times as well as new ones.

Jimmie Walker was on the cover of the Rolling Stone last year, voted top 25 comic of our times by the New York Times, People Magazine ranked him in the top 25 pop culture figures of the last century. He is well worth seeing live at Stanfords this Friday and Saturday. For tickets online or call the club to order tix, 913 400 7500. He meets and greets everyone after the show.