Friday, June 30, 2017

Craig Glazer: Meet Maeret @ Stanfords

Quick PROMO note from our pal Craig . . .

Craig Glazer: Female Comedy Star Maeret Lemons At Stanfords This Weekend

Nice to see a KC lady make it. Maeret Lemons is from Kansas City, has a nine year old son and is hitting it big on the national comedy scene. Lemons was named top ten female comic in America today. Lemons started her career a few years back at open mics mostly at Stanfords in Overland Park and Legends. Lemons was chosen by reality tv star Marc Maron to co star with him at the Midland last year and that helped her career take off. She was then invited to Los Angeles to meet agents and entertainment attorney's. Lemons was chosen to open for Joe Rogan and Josh Wolf as well. Lemons headed up the comedy fest in LA and also hosted the Comedy Awards. Nice.

Maeret is back in KC and this week joined former KC gal Nikki Glaser in Lawrence to Host and do comedy a panel discussion on women in comedy. Glaser had her own tv shows on Comedy Central and is a former KU grad. James Inman will join Maeret on stage this week at Stanfords. Inman starred in Doug Stanhopes 'The Unbookables.' Inman is also originally from KC. James made the jump to New York and more over the last few years in his comedy career.

See Maeret Lemons, James Inman and crew this Friday and Saturday at Stanfords/Legends. Call 913 400 7500 for tix or go online to Have a great 4th of July week.