Friday, June 23, 2017

Craig Brings Butch Lord To Stanfords


Quick weekend note from our pal Craig . . .

Rock N' Roll Comedy Star Butch Lord At Stanfords This Weekend

Butch Lord began as a long haired stoner comic in the early 90's. He did clubs and concerts all over the nation. With weed being legal in many states today, he caught a big break and became the opening act for huge bands like Guns N Roses. Recently co starred on a tour with Tommy Chong, who now has a legal brand of smoke. Lord has a famous bit where he is the bus driver on a trip to nowhere and all the loser passengers think he is Jesus. It's crazy funny.

Lord also has had shows on VH1, Comedy Central and MTV. Today he has a national radio show on Sirius radio. He does rock out the comedy. Butch will be at Stanfords, Legends this weekend. His co star is a former KC guy, Nick Costanzo. Shows are at 745/945 Friday and Saturday. Beat the heat and cool off with some laughs at Stanfords this weekend.

Comedy stars coming up include the 'hot' Kevin Farley, yes Chris Farley's brother who starred and directed "I Am Chris Farley" and is the co lead in the number one show on CMT, 'Still The King' with Billy Ray Cyrus.

For tickets go online to or call the club at 913 400 7500. Have a nice weekend.