Thursday, June 08, 2017

Council Lady Talks Kansas City Murder Spike

An important realization that Kansas City confronts more critical issues than the current development slate that has occupied most of the City Hall agenda. Checkit:

KC councilwoman in search of answers to stop violence in her area

Violence is escalating in Kansas City at a record rate - especially in the 5th District where the trail murders, and a double and triple homicide all happened. 5th District Councilwoman Alissia Canady is in search of answers. "The street violence is not the way to deal with it."


Anonymous said...

What are the schools doing for these kids. They don't give them anything fun to do. The city needs more programs. Somebody better tell trump no welfare cuts.

Anonymous said...

Alissa is a fat stupid cunt but she means well, sort of. No matter how incompetent she is, she at least cares, a little. More than fat turd Sly the big fat Lie.

Anonymous said...

Shows just how seriously outta touch that KCMO Council lady really is !!!

Maybe, just maybe if she took time to stay abreast of whats happening in her District, instead of trying to fight with law enforcement over her expired tags and improper parking,,, she'd know, huh ???

Try this on for Size, Council Lady !!

Its called if you google search the 7 part investigation,,,,,

KC STAR Getting Off Easy

there you will find the PROBLEM is with the LIBERAL Jackson County Prosecutor who is SOFT ON CRIME and believes in giving MURDERERS Probation instead of Prision time or the Death Penalty !!!

Her name is Jean Peters Baker, LIBERAL , Soft On Crime and Criminals in hopes other famalies of Criminals will VOTE to keep her Degenerate pathetic worthless Ass in public office, she hopes,,,,,,,,

There is your Answer, like you'd really care or give a flyin' shit anyway ,,,,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Her real name is Jean Petersucker Baker. And for once the Star got something right. She is a stupid liberal weak cunt.

Anonymous said...

Funny how people who dedicate their life to public service get nothing but crap for it from internet trolls who never really helped anyone but themselves.

It's a good thing whenever an elected official talks about the violence in our community.

Anonymous said...

Teach and Preach self love in the inner city.
Love one another instead of fighting and killing each other.

Play loving music instead of gangster rap.
Remove the illegal guns and drugs from your homes.
Have self respect for yourself... finish school, get a job, contribute to your community, city, society. Make a difference in your family. Be a good example. Be a leader, not a follower.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pops, now go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

Kcmo is safe according to KCPD.

Silverback Sly said...

Cause we all know talk accomplishes so much.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the obese heifer who tried to bully her way out of a ticket? What's her opinion on a cheeseburger? That is what she is qualified to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Donald J. Trump campaigned on the promise that all of the crime would end on day one of his presidency. He told us he was going to be the law and order president. He said on his inauguration that he would end the carnage in America's cities. He lied to us. He doesn't care or is too incompetent to get the job done.

Anonymous said...

@12:24 commenter

Know whats "Funnier" ???

is utter morons like YOU 12:24am,,, that actually are Naïve & Stupid enough to believe that the Majority of those who hold a Public Office and as you call it , "dedicate their life to public service" ???

As witnessed thru out over 45 years and as a former Public service employee myself , majority of those who supposedly are there for so called PUBLIC SERVICEas you refer to it, are really only there to "SERVE THEMSELVES" and NOT the Public or the TAX PAYERS !

Case in point currently :

Jackson County Prosecutor : Jean Peters Baker

KCMO Mayor Sly James

kcmo City Manager : Troy Schulte

and a host of others

FORMER so-called Public service dipshits:

former KCMO Mayor : Emmanuel Clever

thats Car Wash Clever/ Bankrupt Emmanuel Clever !!

former 1990's council lady : Carol Coe / she was in the news all the time constantly back then for her behavior and corruption and was ever arrested by police and eventually Booted from KCMO City Council !

SKIP on over to former Washington DC Mayor : Marion Berry of the 1980's

who was busted for numerous Cocaine Charges at the time he was mayor of Washington DC and was constantly in the news as well back then in the 1980's

Washington DC under his tenure had the highest Murder rate in the country, and became the Murder Capitol of the nation under his tenure !

Know what they all had in common tho, ???????

They were ALL "Democratic Liberals" !!!

Don't believe me, research it ! you'll find it somewhere

as well noted :
The Republican GOP conservatives are no better, not by much

Anonymous said...

@8:09am commenter

shows your true intelligence, lack there of,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

What your Commie Cockroach Liberal buddy did to this country and communities for the last 8 years, you expect it to end day 1 after a new president was elected ????

8 Years of Degenerate lying Radical Muslim Cockroach terrorist was in office knownas Barack Hussein O'bama, and yet we don't hear your Degenerate pathetic Ass crying over his bullshit he pulled !!!

You Commenter 8:09am are truly pathetic, disgusting and obviously NOT to bright !

YOU must be a Degenerate pathetic Liberal - Go FIGURE !!!

Anonymous said...

Shhh. Take your meds. Trump won. Say it with me and breathe.

Anonymous said...

^^^Of course he won buffoon. I know that, I voted for him. He said he would end the carnage in the cities on day one. Why hasn't he? Why would he lie? Can you answer that question instead of trying to make a unless political point and assuming that I'm a democrat?

Anonymous said...

Sure. You seem to urgently need an answer, you post it on every thread.

Cite the day one remark directly? I doubt such a claim was made. What I suspect is, Trump voter or no, you have ignored Trump's good record on fulfilling campaign promises (immigration, Paris deal, etc) and have chosen to fixate, rather bizarrely, on a local issue for which Trump could not reasonably take responsibility on day one or any other day.

Anyway, far more of a thoughful reply than your endlessly repeated comment deserves.

Are you trying to make a point? It might be better to make it directly. The current approach makes you look like a crossbreed of attention whore, troll, and moron.

Good luck. ;)

Anonymous said...

^^^. Great response to the OCD-laden idiot.

Anonymous said...

11:16AM ^^Inauguration Day-

"Mothers and children trapped in poverty in our inner cities; rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation; an education system, flush with cash, but which leaves our young and beautiful students deprived of knowledge; and the crime and gangs and drugs that have stolen too many lives and robbed our country of so much unrealized potential.

This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.

There it is.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

11:16-you got served.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, you lose. You should be used to it by now.

Yes, good job. This appears to be what Trump said. The problem is that you're taking an obviously rhetorical statement literally as a way of dodging a real discussion. It's all you have, and it's feeble.

I don't see anything about Kansas City here-you claimed he said he was going to stamp out crime here in KC, which he never said. Find that for me, since we're being so literal?

But ok. That took you all day? So for ironic purposes you cherry pick a comment that is obviously meant figuratively. Following your...logic...we should hold Trump accountable for all crime ever to happen on the inaugural platform itself!

Your grasp of English is strange. So when Lincoln said that our nation had been conceived in liberty, were you thinking it happened north of the river? When Hillary said it takes a village, were you wondering which one? When someone says 'go fish', are you looking for your rod and reel? ;)

Your obsession with fixating in troll fashion on the semantics of the inaugural speech just confirms you have no real substance to discuss.

Sorry. Maybe you can post some more congratulations for yourself.

Too easy.

Anonymous said...

^^Dude-you got played. Don't cover or make excuses for yourself. Sulk away.

Anonymous said...

^^^ 10:35 / 2:00 / 2:01 / 2:17 / 3:20 - it's so obvious you're the same guy. Why don't you go troll another site? You keep repeating the same disproven lame bullshit over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.....................

Anonymous said...

Can't take it huh? Awww. Learn to debate. ;)

Still waiting on any real reply other than trolling.

Anonymous said...

There was a black man in today's Star who said that "white people don't care" about black victims. White people do care, but they don't have any idea how to stop or even slow down the killing of black people. Does anyone out there, black or white, have a solution to this problem? Please step forward.

Anonymous said...

3:46 got schooled by 11:16 / 3:09, and he's still butt heart. Tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

No, I feel great. My logic is clear and my arguments sound. Not that you needed all that. A troll's a troll after all.

I can also spell 'butthurt'. Which makes one of us.

Look, handle it however you like. Cry. Claim victory. Call your mom or go to the school nurse. You had no argument, and you still don't. You look like a tool and you are just embarrassing yourself.

Still waiting on that counterargument. Try your best. :)

Anonymous said...

He gave you a lucid, detailed comeback that destroyed your irrational talking point about Trump. Your problem if it's upsetting to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Kathy G. It is Trump's fault crack dealers shot each other, it is a business expense.