Sunday, June 18, 2017

Celebrate The Alex Jones Interview Aftermath And Kansas City Sunday Night Movies

For the most avid media watchers in Kansas City and throughout the nation there was really only one interview worth witnessing tonight and local newsies are far too timid to cover it, they'd rather rant about the misdeeds of old school racist white guys who have been dead for 50 years.

Check the round-up of far more exciting fare . . .

Hollywood Reporter: Megyn Kelly's Interview of Alex Jones Draws Mostly Favorable Reviews

Vox: The Megyn Kelly interview with Alex Jones was … unobjectionable

Rolling Stone: Alex Jones Leaks Secretly Taped Pre-Interview Chat With Megyn Kelly, NBC Responds

Biz Insider: Early reviews praise Megyn Kelly's controversial interview with far-right provocateur Alex Jones

Fox News: Megyn Kelly confronts Alex Jones over Sandy Hook, warns he 'isn't going away'

In Kansas City there's no disputing how many youngsters are killed by guns BUT both our blog community and just a smidgen of our writing here at TKC has been influenced by the brashness of a controversial and prolific media pioneer over the years.

So most of what we'll be watching is related to the new world order of JOURNALISM that faced off tonight.

However . . . Closer to home are far more dear to our heart . . . Here are a few soothing and exciting clips FEATURING KANSAS CITY for the overnight.

Take a look . . .

Kansas City Rock Out Weekend

A" storm extinguished the East Wing fire pit, flooded the basement, and knocked out its power, but it couldn’t stop the rock."

Drone Look Downtown . . .

New tech view inside and above the loop accompanied by chill electronica.

Kansas City Skyline Tribute

Song dedication to an iconic view of the city . . . "Kansas City Skyline" by Westport // filmed in Kansas City. Westport is the self-titled debut EP from Hutchinson-based indie-pop band, Westport. They teamed up with October VI's Ben and Laura Heller to record the three song EP in 2016.

And as the KCMO murder count stands @ 64/65 this film commission logo has a tragic double meaning.

Thanks for reading this week. Hopefully, we'll have more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Pepe KC said...

Trump won. Alex Jones won BIG tonight.

It's not a brave new world, it's just the same old media game turning back the clock.

Dbo said...

Jones said he was a "performance artist" in his divorce proceedings. Some thing with most alt-right media entertainers.

It's all an act. That includes the president.

Rick Morty said...

Typical freak show interview, I don't know how much it really benefits Jones or his network. What it proves is that there is no more depth or real reporting happening. People don't want to learn about the world, they just wanted to mug for the spot light. The time could have been better spent teaching people how to do something instead of giving the spotlight to an Internet troll.

Byron Funkhouser said...

I didn't see any reason to watch this dog & pony show.

A journalist interviewing a journalist isn't journalism.

He's just another vile, white creature.

Anonymous said...

That , above comment , is racist since you are calling him a " WHITE creature " , you bitch ¡!

Anonymous said...

A nutball conspiracy freak gets interviewed by a self-absorbed, overpaid diva. That is the only news here.

Anonymous said...

^^^ what!? You're saying that Byron Funkhouser was interviewed?