Friday, June 30, 2017

Baby Killing Enthusiasts Dump 50K Fake Internets Signatures On Kansas City Royals

Here's a move to squash any alternative opinion or signage regarding abortion alternatives that are deemed part of an "extreme anti-woman agenda" as the K is now the latest battlefield in the culture war amid this mediocre season. Checkit:

Tell the Kansas City Royals: Stop spreading anti-abortion propaganda

Baseball fans should know they're going to a ball game to enjoy a classic American pastime--not to be lied to by a baseball team about abortion.


Anonymous said...

Is a zygote a baby?

Anonymous said...

Why does weareultraviolet care about abortion? They are just a bunch of ugly lesbians who nobody would ever fuck. They are in no danger of getting knocked up.

Anonymous said...

Baby*Butchers*R*Us, Planned Parenthood, Bonyen Lee, WEARULTRAVIOLET, et al,

Former local newsie, Bonyen, now with Planned Parenthood, said on tv41 tonight that VITAE doesn't represent the majority of women who are Royals fans. WTF?! How does she know? Even if true, so what! These groupthink GESTAPO tactics by abortion proponents is absolutely UN-AMERICAN and frikken FUBAR!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One thing that is not a lie, is not propaganda, and is a stone-cold FACT is that abortion is murder. What is so difficult to understand about that? I hope the Royals don't bend to pressure on this.