Tuesday, May 30, 2017


An open letter and more questions for Mayor Sly James . . .

Clay Chastain...Whose transit plan is on the Aug. ballot, Sly's or Clay's?

Sly, if Ballot Question #2 is approved by Kansas City voters on August 8 whose transit plan are they approving, your plan (as outlined in the city's ballot language) or my plan (as outlined in the ordinance you and the city approved)?

I refer everyone to the (attached) City Ordinance # 170043 now officially slated for the Aug. ballot.

In Sec. 68-449 (part c) of the enabling part of this ordinance, you will find my transit proposal for revitalizing the city and its transit system around a new citywide rapid rail / electric bus / bikeway network in full and its complete details as petitioners signed in support of.

However, in Section 3, you will find Sly's cunning plan (embedded in the city's ballot language) that vaguely calls for "one or more extensions to the streetcar system." P.S. Remember Sly said in the KC Star, "there is no bigger supporter of streetcars than me."

Obviously, these two transit proposals do not comport with one another.

So Sly, how do you reconcile to the community this deliberate confusion you and the city have created for Kansas City voters, and whose transit plan will the city build if Ballot Question #2 is approved by voters?

Then Sly, if your answer is the city will build exactly what the voters approve then you and the city are not only guilty of violating the law and the enabling part of your own ordinance, but Sly, you and the city are also in violation of ignoring the stated will of the petition signers.

Then Sly, if your answer is the city will build Clay's plan as spelled out in the enabling part of the city -approved ordinance, then you and the city are guilty of deliberately trying to manipulate the results of an election by placing before voters distorted and misleading ballot language designed to get voters to vote no.

Then Sly, if your answer is you refuse to answer then you leave the media, petitioners and voters not knowing what Question #2 really requires the city to build, if approved by voters.

Is this community not had enough of these kinds of rigged, nefarious insider deals under the Sly James' Administration like...the no-bid airport deal, the taxpayer-subsidized convention hotel deal, the rigged no citywide vote streetcar deal, and now this attempt to manipulate and sabotage, yet again, the outcome of a transit-oriented petition election?

Clay Chastain...leader of the transit petition proposal to build Kansas City a new rapid rail / electric bus / bikeway transit system.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Clay is the only person with the BALLS to stand up to our CORRUPT CROOKS in CITY HALL. They belong in jail,
not in office.

Anonymous said...

Clay and S'lie are both egomaniacs that need to be sent away for good.

Anonymous said...

Much better pic of clay than the shit eating grin one.

-Tom Q.