Friday, May 26, 2017


For many, this weekend is the unofficial start of Summer in Kansas City - A time when homicide stats typically skyrocket.

Here's a peek at the numbers going into this dangerous time of year:

- Over the past 48 hours there have been 8 shootings in Kansas City with two victims still clinging to life.

- The homicide count for 2017 stands at 46 compared to 38 at this time last year: A 20.5% increase in a year when KCMO led the nation in percentage gains for murder.

- Amid a search for a new Kansas City Police Chief, the temp promises "business as usual" and no special effort amid the increase in violence.

- The civic agenda is almost completely focused on development issues with the new airport, the streetcar and convention hotel dominating the discourse among the middle-class.

- A recent press conference warning to a crime-plagued house by authorities turned public embarrassment and outright defiance against law enforcement.

And so . . .


While our blog community wouldn't dare try to spoil Summer fun . . . It's important to inform and remind Kansas City residents of the reality of an ongoing crisis on local streets. We still leads the nation for towns with an increase in deadly violence while mainstream media and politicos seemingly ignore this threat to all the residents of Kansas City.

Developing . . .


KC DJ said...

Only the last point here is relevant.

The murder coverage in this town wants to present the problem as something that exists in just inner city and away from the rest of KC. For the most part that's true if you follow TV audiences measurement in Johnson County.

However, for those living in KCMO there really is a crisis in Midtown and going further South. The numbers don't lie and while the news won't dwell on local shootings for obvious reasons, the uptick in South KC gunfire and robbery is a sign that there current homicide spike shows no sign of abating. And I guess what we see here is that there's no new plan to stop it.

Byron Funkhouser said...

No one wants to admit that there is nothing to be done about it.

This is the logical result of our gun culture, & our war on drugs.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Thomas Paine said...


No Byron, you ignorant slut, it is black people being black people, sporting an average IQ of a Sheep Dog, the impulse control of a chimp, the entitlement issues engrained in them from birth by apologists like you and the Media, constantly telling us that we should all enjoy diversity.

Right now, there is a black, serial killer out south, committing Black on White Hate Crimes. The very same type of hate crime, that the Progressive Press Pack Dogs will NEVER cover, while they drone on about "Racism" and "Russia".

The thousands of Black Killers here just in Kansas City, like in Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis etc. etc. etc. are not, in any way, EVAR thinking of turning in their guns because some dumb fuck Liberal politician gets a law passed that results in the disarming of White America.

The reason you identify with blacks and not whites Byron, is because you are on the same plane with them, intellectually.

You can't fix stupid.

I hope they shoot you first Byron.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need in this time of crisis and violence. Some 6'7" pre-op tranny from West Virginia, explaining urban violence with the same old bromides that brought this country, here and now, to it's knees under the sword of Political Correctness.

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Anonymous said...

Funkhouser (il)logic on display again.

Byron Funkhouser said...

None of these childish, personal attacks contradicts what I said.

"No one wants to admit that there is nothing to be done about it.

This is the logical result of our gun culture, & our war on drugs."

None of you offered any solutions.

"I hope they shoot you first Byron." - This means that you are a part of the problem.

Byron Funkhouser said...

PS. There should be a comma after the word "first", you know because you want to demonstrate that you are smarter than me.

Chaz Bono said...

I think Byron is hot.

Anonymous said...

Byron no such thing as a criminal, just a needy person demanding a handout.

Anonymous said...

Our gun culture? You mean this type of crime and violence won't occur if we could simply control the guns in the hands of the people. That actually sounds like a fine idea. Wait, wikipedia said that Chicago, and DC both have draconian gun laws in place...

War on drugs you say, sooooo like no laws against weed, then killings in urban areas with a high percentage black population will not commit gun crimes? I speculate marijuana is regularly consumed in those places, why are the rates of crime still so high?

Perhaps all it requires is state-wide legalization of pot? Colorado boasts a 4.2% black general population, and make up 12.5% of arrests for serious charges. So, no war on drugs there, yet ghetto culture and violence is still an issue.

So perhaps it is the war on heavier drugs, for that I simply respond, I have not been to the Central and South American utopias of which you speak where no war on drugs is occurring.

Anonymous said...

Killa City .... Business as Usual.

Anonymous said...

Byron is upset, he needs a hug.

Crazy Clown said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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