Tuesday, May 09, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday First Look

Hottie Libby starts our Kansas City Tuesday morning as we begin with a close look at just a few local links. Checkit:

Garth Is A Ripoff?!?!

Ticket scam causes Garth Brooks fan to miss concert

Jennifer Wheeler thought she was buying tickets on the Sprint Center's website but it appears she fell victim to a scammer.

Newspaper Finally Notices Tragically High Kansas City Water Rates

As water/sewer bills skyrocket, Kansas City searches for solutions

Kansas City water/sewer bills have more than doubled since 2009 and now exceed $100 per month on average. There are no easy answers, the city says. May 8, 2017

Hyde Park Is Horrible

Hyde Park neighbors growing frustrated with too many vehicles blocking narrow driveways

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Homeowners and renters in a Kansas City neighborhood are fed up with people parking on the streets and blocking their driveways. One resident says every day for almost a month there has been someone either blocking their driveway or parked right up to the edge.

Show-Me Background Checks

New MO program tracks hundreds of school arrests in first year

If someone who works with or around your kids got arrested, would you want to know? Now, most Missouri school districts get an alert.

Kansas City Baseball Low Rent Winning

Royals tally season-high 13 hits in 7-3 win over Rays | FOX Sports

The Kansas City Royals busted out of an offensive slump to beat the Tampa Bay Rays 7-3

Meek Mill - Litty (feat. Tory Lanez) is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

KCMO can save lots of time "searching" for solutions to high water rates.
And the same solution would work for finding solutions to crappy streets, crumbling sidewalks, dilapidated buildings, and all the rest.
Make maintaining what you have and own a priority instead of chasing the latest BIG BIG THING and subsidizing every developer with nothing but a smile and a shoeshine and a pulse.
Then hold the "maintainers" accountable for results.
Management of municipal government 101.
The jobs you get paid to do.

Anonymous said...

That Libby reminds me of a Libby I knew in college who liked to wear her cowboy boots in bed for some bull-riding!

Water rates? Blocked driveways? High crime?
Solution = move out of KCMO

Anonymous said...

Hooray, we still have the worst record in all of baseball.

Anonymous said...

Kc is still bad but can turn around. Was shocked by nasty fan behind home plate bugging hosmer last night. TB should realize kc fans can do the same shit to their team when they come to town if they want to...