Tuesday, May 02, 2017

The Kansas City Tuesday Early Start

Tessa hotness begins our early morning as we gather these somewhat important local links to start the day. Take a peek:

Kansas City Airport Lady Interview

New downtown Kansas City airport manager has a lifelong love of aviation

She is no stranger to aviation and she is one of only three women overseeing an airport in Missouri. Melissa Cooper says she has to face her office chair away from the window in her office at Wheeler Downtown Airport in Kansas City, otherwise she would never get anything done.

More Kansas City Traffic Fear

Engineers say prepare for a parking lot in traffic on I-29 north during emergency repairs

Expect delays if you're heading north out of downtown on I-29 any time before Tuesday afternoon. The Missouri Department of Transportation said urgent repairs are forcing a lane reduction on I-29. According to MoDOT, recent heavy rains caused the failure of a box culvert owned by the city of Kansas City.

Sleaze Summit Nasty Allegations

Metro mom says Lee's Summit man accused of statutory rape victimized her daughter, calls him a 'predator'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The mother of a statutory rape victim has come forward to help ensure that there aren't more victims. Garret Laughland is accused of having sex multiple times with a 15-year-old girl who allegedly thought he was much younger. Laughland is in custody on a half-million dollar bond at the Jackson County Detention Center.

Kansas Bitter Harvest

Kansas Farmers Fear For Their Wheat Crop After Blizzard

Farmers in western Kansas are worried a spring blizzard that dumped as much as two feet of snow destroyed much of this year's wheat crop. Kansas is the No. 1 wheat state in the country. About 20 percent of the nation's wheat crop last year was grown by Kansas farmers.

Show-Me Helping Hand

How to help in Missouri flood relief

ST. LOUIS - Volunteers are needed in parts of Missouri as flooding continues. The Eureka Police Department is looking for people to help fill sand bags and people with pickup or flatbed trucks to help transport them. Volunteers can call Eureka police at (636) 938-6601 and they will say where help is needed most.

The song of the day is Willie Nelson - Still Not Dead and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

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