Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Kansas City Evening News Workout

Sylvie hotness encourages us to keep up to date and offer just a peek at this collection of Kansas City MSM news and topics for consideration . . .

Follow-Up To TKC Corporate Fight Coverage

New Kansas City Coalition Watchdogs TIF Spending - And May Go To November Ballot

Disappointed in the city of Kansas City's priorities on tax breaks for development, a coalition of community groups on Wednesday announced a new watchdog group and threatened to get an incentive cap on the November ballot. A newly-formed organization of Kansas City and St.

Boring JoCo Meeting Battle

ACLU of Kansas: Shawnee Mission School District policy is 'unconstitutional'

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas this week blasted new Shawnee Mission School District guidelines that restrict those making public comments at board meetings from speaking about specific district employees or students, calling the requirement "unconstitutional."

Show-Me Voter Rage

Democrats, civil rights groups decry Missouri's voter ID law, which takes effect June 1

A day before Missouri's new voter ID law takes effect, a coalition of civil rights groups and Democratic politicians warned Wednesday that the law could disenfranchise minority voters and older people. Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, whose office oversees elections, scoffed at the concerns, arguing that "if you're a registered voter, you'll be able to vote."

Kansas City Drama Coverage

Based On Nazi Love Letters, A UMKC Professor's Play Shows Life During Wartime

Did Nazis fall in love? Of course they did, though it may be hard to associate the idea of that emotion with a society that committed human atrocities. But as the Third Reich was rising, individuals in Germany fell in love with each other just like people all over the world fall in love every day.

Hottie Cowtown Sound

Local trio soothes the ears of KC as they prepare to release new album

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Based out of Kansas City - Olivia Fox is a folk/pop trio that uses classic folk instrumentation, vocals and harmonies to modern beats and synth pads. Lauren Flynn, Tiffany Smith and Aubrey Callahan make up the band, and on Wednesday the trio stopped by the FOX 4 studio to showcase their soothing songs.

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Local trio has four people.

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"Democrats, civil rights groups decry Missouri's voter ID law, which takes effect June 1"

I guess there is plenty of time to book a cabin for the libtard escape cruise. Boo Hoo!

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LOL on the trio quartet!

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9:00Pm I feel sad for you. You learned the word libtard from your daddies on Fox news and now you use it in every post. I can tell that your old, afraid, and likely cut-off from your family because they hate you and you're a raging alcoholic to boot. I understand this site is an outlet for your life-failures and you get to use the word libtard a lot.

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^^^ I can tell you are full of shit up to your ears junior shit flake. I don;'t feel sad for you. After all you were raised by some left wing cunt and probably haven't spent 30 minutes with a male authority figure since your daddy left your mom back at the massage parlor in Warez.

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Warez? Now that is some funny shit on this joke blog. Poor 11:49 couldn't get laid in a women's prison with a fistful of pardons.