Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Hottie Tessa not only proves that social media makes life better but also starts this Kansas City afternoon contemplation of all the important local news. Dive right in . . .

Kansas City High Flying Schemes

KCI debate highlights why you need to learn about public-private partnerships - Kansas City Business Journal

Imagine folks in the development community starting to talk about a new phenomenon called "sliced bread" as the latest, greatest thing since, well, sliced bread. The same type of confusion has been inherent in recent local discussions about "public-private partnerships." The term - usually called P3 - used to mean public incentives for private development.

KCK Burning Down

Partial structure collapse reported in KCK building fire

The Kansas City, Kansas Fire Department was called to battle a building fire with a partial structure collapse Tuesday afternoon. According to KCK Fire Chief John Paul Jones, a fire was reported at a 3-bay shop building in the 3400 block of West Drive in Wyandotte County Lake Park.

Naming The Local Dead

Police say shooting victim was found in vehicle linked to recent carjacking

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police on Tuesday identified the victim in a Friday night shooting in KCMO. Police said 15-year-old Franklin Noland of Kansas City, Kan. died as a result of a shooting at 26th and Myrtle. Officers were called the the scene around 11:15 p.m.

Kansas City Fun Times Trouble

Worlds of Fun experiences technical difficulties on multiple rides

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Some visitors to Worlds of Fun were having a little less fun when multiple rides were reportedly shut down on Tuesday. One visitor told FOX 4 she was on the Steel Hawk ride when it shut down, which she estimated for 8-10 minutes, before maintenance crews got it working again.

KCK Gunfire Tragedy Report

Police ID KCK teen found in vehicle taken in carjacking

Police have released the name of a Kansas City, Kansas, teen shot to death in a vehicle Friday night near 26th Street and Myrtle Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. Authorities said Franklin Noland, 15, was driving a vehicle that had been taken in a carjacking in Kansas City, Kansas.

Kansas City Grocery Fight

Aldi will give its KC-area stores a $30M upgrade - Kansas City Business Journal

Aldi is giving its grocery stores a makeover and plans to invest more than $30 million in the Kansas City market. The store renovations are part of a $1.6 billion capital improvement plan nationwide and will include more space for fresh fruits and vegetables and energy-saving refrigeration.

Kansas City Teachable Moment

Non-profit hopes to restore historic black school in Independence

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The Truman Heritage chapter of Habitat for Humanity is hoping to raise $2.5 million dollars in order to renovate and restore the Young School in Independence. The school, which is located at 505 North Dodgion, is a historic landmark.

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Anonymous said...

Tessa has some huge titties

Anonymous said...

You really don't have to read the Business Journal to better understand "private/public partnerships".
The private folks tell great stories of unlimited successes, then take minimum risks in any "deal", and get whatever profits may be found.
The public suckers, by the way, that would be YOU, end up being represented by elected clowns with no business or negotiating experience, are forced to make rushed decisions and commitments before anyone can actually figure out what the deal is, and end up picking up the tab for under-performing fiascoes, sometimes for many decades.
The list of examples is too long to include in its entirety, but let's just offer wealthy Cordish Corporation, a Maryland "developer" who thanks taxpayers in KCMO for covering the P&L District bond shortfall every year to the tune of $15 million.
And will continue to do so through the year 2030.
And now,on to Mike's hotel, the streetcar expansion, the UMKC downtown arts campus, the airport terminal,and who knows what else.
The public may learn how these "partnerships" work, but the electeds in KCMO NEVER do.

Anonymous said...

+1,000,000,000 or whatever the airport costs!

Anonymous said...

So they kid that jacked a car got shot? You have to appreciate that irony.

And dang TKC, turn off that stupid picture verification crap.

Anonymous said...

Tear down civil war monuments, but restore a black shack. Your all new America.

Anonymous said...

^^So what? Shut your fucking pie-hole or get out of the country. Make your choice snowflake.

Anonymous said...

^^ who the fuck are you, fascist jerkoff?