Monday, May 22, 2017

Show-Me Missouri Special Session To Kill Kansas City Minimum Wage Hike Progress

Single-party gridlock over broken ethnics promises will be the highlight of this slap fight for Gov. Greitens but all of the GOP seems united by stopping municipal wage hikes over the past year. Take a look at this round-up:

Special session begins for Missouri legislators and top Republicans disagree on key points

On the eve of his first legislative special session, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens and his allied nonprofit group are attacking one of the pivotal legislators needed to win approval of the governor's favored bill. The nonprofit group is called A New Missouri and can collect unlimited donations from unidentified donors.


Anonymous said...

They don't need $15/hour. They just need to work for a better job

Anonymous said...

Sly James May Day Martyrs.

Anonymous said...

Sly pissed off the governor with his lying negro antics. Any bets as to who is going to win this pissing contest? I bet on the white guy, as usual.