Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Neighbors Stay Winning Against Aggressive Nelson-Atkins Museum Encroachment

Update on this Kansas City neighborhood fight that attempts to slow the destruction of a beloved institution by way of over-expansion. Take a look:

Revised growth plan for Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art may quiet years of neighborhood discord

After years of fierce neighborhood opposition and legal battles, neighbors of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art have reached an accord with museum officials concerning its immediate expansion plans. The biggest takeaway is that the Kirkwood residence - a house built by museum founder William Rockhill Nelson for his daughter - will be sold and maintained as a historically protected private home in the Rockhill neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

wow. sounds like common sense and civic-mindedness are prevailing. bravo!

TracyinKC said...

Long live Rockhill neighborhood! Especially Sarah Ingram-Eiser--whose Aunt Helen (Spencer) gave the Monet to the Nelson (boulevard de Capuchines). Sarah is such a powerful leader. She was the president of the Rockhill Tennis Club in its heyday. And ran for City Council. An early leader. Many other Rockhill neighbors have since learned solid political and negotiation skills--I am proud of all of them. Good story by Diane Stafford. And finally, good on Julian Zugazagoitia--at the Nelson. Masterful coalition builder and visionary.

Anonymous said...

I miss the old Rockhill Tennis Club.