Friday, May 26, 2017

Meth Town Gunfight Last Night

Late night shooting report revealing even more metro violence . . .

Independence police shoots, injures armed man

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Independence Police shot an armed man outside of a home Thursday night. The incident occurred near the 700 block of North Forest around 8:30 p.m. Officials said officers were sent to a house after a report of a person armed with a gun.


Crazy Clown said...

Wonder when it'll ever be reported that most of what happens in independence is carry over from KCMO Degenerates who are wandering around Independence as well as other areas of the city.

KCMO can't and won't control their THUG population as we've all witnessed and seen.

Not with the likes of Degenerate SLY JAMES and Soft on Crime Jean Peters Baker for a supposed Prosecutor who loves to let her Thugs out of jail on probation all the time after they've been arrested multiple times , even for MURDER and Rape !!!

Have any Doubts ???

Just GOOGLE the 7 part investigation by the KC Star investigative reporters

titled : KC Star getting off easy

Trumper's Gone Wild said...

the Orange Buffoons supporters are going crazy with the impending impeachment of "tiny dick".

OB's fools have hit Meth City.

Anonymous said...

^^^ says a man of experience with tiny dicks.

Anonymous said...

^^^says a man of experience with tiny dicks.

Anonymous said...

I think Independence Police deserve a standing ovation and round of applause. They were actually able to un-holster their pistols and not shoot each other. That is, assuming they didn't sweep something else under the carpet.