Friday, May 26, 2017

Kansas City Weekly Power Rankings!!!

Amid a wonderful week of weather and as movie audiences celebrate super hero girl power we take a quick look at the locals who flexed their muscles amid the Kansas City conversation . . .

Mike Talboy

A former State Rep. is now the lead political power player behind the scenes for Burns & Mac in the midst of what is potentially one of the biggest no-bid deals Kansas City has ever witnessed.

Patrick McInerney

Top local legal dude and the only guy in KCMO who can defend no-bid corruption by Mayor Sly with a straight face.

Jason Parson

The lead consultant for the streetcar, Mayor Sly's go-to urban core representative and now working damage control for the Downtown Convention Hotel . . . Possibly the most connected establishment consultant in KCMO.

Jackson County Prosecutor "Mean" Jean Peters Baker

Angry residents screamed at her amid a warning about a crime-ridden house but this politico put herself out on a limb to stand up for a local neighborhood and that effort should be respects as the Summer is dominated by a local development agenda.

Blue Cross & Blue Shield Of Kansas City

The Insurance juggernaut dumped Obamacare and leads the way to a new era in American healthcare for better or worse.

And so . . . We move to a weird KCMO Summer where nobody is exactly sure what lies ahead.

As always, this list has been compiled according to scientific TKC polling and market research data and it's a weekly comprehensive guide to local powerful people.


Anonymous said...

But our population is GROWING.

Maybe we'll reach 1970 numbers if this win streak keeps up.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of any of those whacked dickheads ?

Anonymous said...

Never heard of any of those whacked dickheads ?

Byron Funkhouser said...

11:22, I wouldn't brag about being ignorant if I were you. I've heard of all of them, & my only connection to KCMO is this blog. You should try harder to be informed, until then, please don't vote. You saw what happened the last time stupid people voted. They believed a salesman & his lies.

StreetCarSamurai said...


Just turned on the scanner. Juvenile shot, police asking dispatch which hospital he was taken to. Sent to research because they have trauma.

another shooting reported on Bellevue somewhere. Not sure if someone hit or it was a miss.

another call just came in on a body laying face down on side of road on westport road somewhere. Unsure if passed out or something else.

Anonymous said...

Byron, you're so ignorant that you are unaware how ignorant you are. You have this misconception that you know stuff but the reality is you don't know much about anything. The main reason is that you are retarded, but you are ignorant and stupid too.

StreetCarSamurai said...

12:11am 3811 east 39th st shooting just happened. Wild night tonight boys. Its warm and everyone is messed up. Someone dead inside the house. Shooting happened an hour ago. People coming in and out of the house in a hurry.

StreetCarSamurai said...

12:16am 6 shots fired on Denver st somewhere. address unable to be recognized due to cross chatter.

12:20 platte county high speed chase of silver SUV headed south on I-29

StreetCarSamurai said...

12:28 3708 cleaver. 4 juveniles on front porch shooting off guns.

12:29 semi driving recklessly on I-70 and 435 trying to run people off the road.

12:37 1108e 92nd st. two people reporting shooting

12:39 300 gladstone blvd female screaming in a park

12:48 2602 4601 (46012?) montgall (spelling?) shots fired, at least 1 round made it inside house

12:50 1900 independence at the BP gas station black male causing disturbance sounds urgent

1:04 1516 delmar armed robbery

I cant keep up with the KCMO scanner. More shootings are coming over. Its not 2am yet. KCMO cops have to deal with so much shit this is crazy. Its constantly go go go. Crime to crime to crime all night long. These arent candy store thefts either.

Goodnight folks and stay safe if you live in Jackson County. I only posted some of the calls. Tons of filler calls regarding prowlers, burglars, warrants, people beating on front doors, etc. No known PCP calls so far tonight. I think the PCP calls a couple weeks ago were from a bad batch. Which they all are, but you know what I mean.

I think I need to get into the paddy wagon business. Contract with the KCMO PD. I would have steady work 365 24-7. Remember, I-70 and 435 is always dangerous after dark in Jackson County.

1:14 EMS just requested to Riot Room for someone unconscious.

Anonymous said...

where do you go to get the KC Police scanner streams? they aren't on

cml said...

I love the scanner guy.

Very cool.

Anonymous said...

So why are KCPD waiting with radar guns on highway 71 ticketing workers commuting to their jobs at 7:30 in the morning and 6pm at night with all this going on. Sick money grabbing KCMO harassing decent people while serious crime happening blocks away. That's one sad sack of a city.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant, "happening BLACKS away".

Anonymous said...

Mean Jean is yummy!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Yeah Byron, we kept out your vile, incompetent corruptocrat. Too bad you're disappointed..