Thursday, May 25, 2017

Kansas City Thursday Morning News Look

6-foot-tall pr0n star Alison starts our Thursday morning as we check these news links to begin our day. Take a peek:

Pricey Kansas City Tagging

Signs over I-35 tagged again - and the price tag to replace them is steep

It's quite the welcome to Kansas. Heading southbound on I-35 from downtown Kansas City - it's hard to tell just where you are - not because of the lack of signs, but because of what's on them. "I have lived here a long time and know where I'm going, and I could hardly read the signs," said Reed Wintering.

Tribute To Coach's Bar Co-Owner

200 attend bike ride to honor Indian Creek Trail homicide victim

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than 200 people showed up for a Wednesday night bike ride in Mike Darby's honor. Mike Darby knew how to bring people together. Wednesday night's Coach's ride is just one example.

Building Kansas City Northeast

PZED Committee moves forward on Northeast housing projects

KANSAS CITY, Missouri - Three significant Northeast housing projects are now a step closer to coming to fruition, as the City Council's Planning, Zoning and Economic Development Committee approved development plans on Wednesday, May 24 for a trio of mixed-income housing structures connected to the Paseo Gateway Project.

KCMO Miracle Man

Kansas City man who got pinned under car calls himself 'a walking miracle'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Hit by two cars and then pinned under one of them -- a Kansas City man describes himself as a walking miracle. Carlos Green's harrowing experience happened last week while he was standing on a corner near 35th and Prospect.

Remember KCI History

Group says slaves may be buried at KCI, could slow proposal for new airport

Warren Watkins of the Watkins Foundation is leading an initiative to preserve the history of slaves who once worked and lived on land that is now Kansas City International Airport. Watkins claims slaves were buried on airport land; but airport managers said they have proof, that's not true.

Local Star Talks Old School Hit

'Charlie's Angels' reboot to star KCK's Janelle Monae? Maybe, Hollywood sources say

If rumors hold true, you might hear Kansas City, Kan., native Janelle Monae uttering the iconic "Hello, Charlie!" into a speakerphone in the near future. Monae, building on her budding acting resume, is being sought to play one of the three Angels in Sony Pictures' "Charlie's Angels" reboot set for June 7, 2019, according to the website The Tracking Board.

Kansas City Bar Scene Sound

Making Movies' Enrique Chi on the band's latest, I Am Another You, ahead of Friday's RecordBar show

Brian Slater Kansas City's Making Movies returns with a new album this week. I Am Another You is the quartet's first full-length since 2013's A La Deriva and, much like that record, blends genres and styles into something unique, aided by the production of Los Lobos' Steve Berlin.

Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me is the song of the day for #TBT and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

I tell ya, few things will keep the amish off an overpass truss to do some urban improvement painting. I mean, its like a freakin' pole barn to them. They see a couple logs on the ground and BOOM, just start lashing them together and standing them up and climbing all over them like ants.

Anonymous said...

These aren't your garden variety of Amish responsible for the sign artwork. No these are your Chicano Amish doing this. They are extremely adept at climbing ,not afraid of heights and love to mark their turf..these cholos got big some big ol cajonies.

Anonymous said...

The old black dude cracker me up lol "I was under the car like I was changing the oil or something " you can't beat an old black guy for some unintended comedy ,I tell ya.