Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kansas City Statehouse Winning?!?

Council Lady Jolie Justus did an excellent jobs as a spokesperson during her tenure in the Missouri Legislature but wasn't very successful at authoring legislation that was actually adopted . . . So her estimation of KCMO "success" in Jeff City might not be very objective . . . Also, more often than not, objective State House denizens have noted that Mayor Sly has been a roadblock to progress. You decide:

Kansas City: Winner Or Loser In This Year's Legislative Session?

Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri. But sometimes, it feels like its interests aren't at the forefront of the discussion in Jefferson City. Two former Missouri legislators turned Kansas City council members talk about how the city's priorities fared during the 2017 session and what's on their agenda for the future.


Anonymous said...

The governor remembers what mayor bullhorn said about him during the elections and it was extremely negative. The Govenor see's right through the bullhorn's bull. If we get nothing out of the state we came blame the bullhorn for his complete lack of respect and utter chaos he's caused in this city.

Anonymous said...

Jolie is a lesbian. She would be a good politician at the national level.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Slick can't be trusted with our money let alone the state money he's looking for, that is why we won't get much if any at all.