Thursday, May 11, 2017

Kansas City Political Ruckus Tonight . . .

Local opinions on Prez Trump actions and statehouse moves dominate this conversation among Kansas City power players visiting the local GOLD STANDARD for metro discourse.

Here's the description:

"Mike Shanin interviews Alissia Canady, KCMO Councilwoman, about some the city's top priorities. Then Jason Grill, Theresa Garza, Steve Mirakian and Steve Rose discuss the implications of Kevin Yoder's yes vote on Trump's Obamacare replacement healthcare bill which moves to the Senate after passing in the House, the Kansas wrap-up legislative session and the use of "dark money" in Missouri politics."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Real KC said...

A lot of hand-wringing about Trump. Same thing in the mainstream press. It may be hard to defend the guy and most Republicans don't but the crybaby routine is the same thing we've seen all week and I'm not sure the world is coming to an end.

Anonymous said...

Trump's firing of Comey has created a ripple effect and there is very little support for him now among Republicans.

But i still wouldn't vote for Hillary.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Congressman Yokel supposedly is back home during the recess. Anybody seen or heard of him around here lately? Me neither. He and the rest of the GOP dickhead nazi scum are laying low, hiding from their very angry constituents. Take away people's medical care and they never forget. Never.

Anonymous said...

WELCOME TO BUFFOONUKUS!! The weekly KCPT program that provides a public platform for local buffoons to showcase their buffoonery. This episode is stacked DEEP with contenders, so let's begin.

Councilwoman Canady -- at the mere mention of her name, we're tempted to declare a winner already. This former member of the JaCo Prosecutor's office didn't pay her debts, got sued in court, failed to properly register/license her vehicle, refused police orders, and just recently expressed concern for the safety of a young man who was hanging out the window of a moving car while spraying bullets at another vehicle.

Jason Grill -- as best we can tell, this person's cobbled together a career by slicking back his hair, wearing a blue blazer, smiling a lot, and talking about himself. I guess that's what they call PR.

Steve Rose -- was smart enough to sell-out the family business to dumb investors (KC Star) near the peak, but can't let go of his need for attention as a JoCo busybody sticking his nose in KCMO's affairs.

Theresa Garza -- ruled ineligible after attempting election fraud upon the public, this prime example of failing upward is desperately working on a public comeback.

Steve Mirakian -- here's the obvious outlier folks! A graduate of the Westpoint Military Academy, with honorable service record, outstanding attorney, and brilliant logic/reasoning skills.

My advice is to use your fast-forward button and simply listen to Mirakian's comments while skipping the others.

This week's BUFFOON WINNER is...............Alissia Canady!!
Come on folks, it wasn't really much of a contest this time.

Anonymous said...

All WHITE PANEL!?!?!?!?!?! OH NO....MO RAGE WILL BE MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^They weren't all white.^^