Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Kansas City Northland Box Store Push Back

The consumer paradise across the bridge is finally growing concerned with neighborhood sustainability and impact as more retailers inundate their community. Check the update:

Northland residents meet to defend neighborhood from big box stores

Residents in one Northland neighborhood plan to head to city hall on Tuesday for a public meeting that could drastically change the area they live in.


Anonymous said...

What all these communities around the country need is a whole lot of new brick-and-mortar retail stores, even as thousands of retailers close their stores because of the great migration of shoppers to online sites.
These "projects" are just a way for the land flippers, developers, developer attorneys, and construction firms to make a fast transactional buck and walk away from these buildings in communities as the leasees to go belly up, abandon them, and leave brand new derelicts in people's neighborhoods.
An empty new building is even worse than an abandoned old one.
It just shows that local government has made THE SAME mistake twice.
How about fixing the roads?

Retro ROCKER said...

11:37 AM IS right on the Money

Anonymous said...

Agree...stop the overbuilding. Look at the Best Buy building at the Legends...still huge and still empty. City wants to allow rezoning everywhere up North. City's response - it's market demand. Wow...worst response I have ever received. How many stores and apartments do we need? Keep some trees and cows!