Friday, May 26, 2017

Kansas City Mutual Musicians Foundation Hot Mess For Control Continues This Summer

We covered this controversy back in September but now public radio offers an update and an attempt to move forward. Take a look:

Kansas City's Oldest Jazz Institution Isn't Afraid Of New Beats - Or Other Challenges

It was the usual 4 a.m. scene at the Mutual Musicians Foundation: a rotating combination of jazz musicians on the crowded stage; fans of all ages, races and preferred libations sitting in metal chairs around mismatched formica tables tapping their feet and yelling encouragement to the players; long-dead jazz legends surveying the raucous scene from black-and-white photographs on red walls.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows Anita Dixon is not surprised that controversy follows her. Great institution but she was definitively not an asset in any way.

Please go away Anita!

Anonymous said...

Remove the 24/7 liquor license this place was granted by the state and demand they conduct themselves like any other good citizens. Stop feeding the monster.