Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Overnight reports are still coming together . . . Here's a round-up of information from the scene.


KSHB: Police are investigating a triple homicide at the 1900 block of South Boeke St. in Kansas City, Kansas. Two men and one woman were found dead from apparent gunshot wounds inside of a house, according to KCK police.

KCTV5: 3 dead, one injured in shooting in KCK

Fox4: KCK police say they do have a suspect in custody. A total of four people were shot, and three were killed. The fourth victim is at a hospital in critical condition after being shot in the back.

Three minors were also inside the home at the time but none were hurt. The KCKPD Chief reports that a suspect is in custody.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Holy Christ: early prediction on this one.CARTEL RELATED.

Man is this just a terrible part of the country !!!

It seems as though the human race is backsliding into hell

Anonymous said...

^^^ Probably right with that first prediction. KCK is getting very violent.

But the way one guy was shot in the back and a man and woman were involved. It could also be domestic.

KC DJ said...

Narcos. They didn't hurt the kids is a big hint that it was narcos.

Crazy Clown said...

Go to Ch 9 news KMBC and watch Michael Mahoneys interview with KCK Police Chief Terry Ziegler and that Black Guy and that Mexican Girl,,,,

that interview sums it all up, about those LIBERALIZED Illusionary Fantasy Sanctuary Cities bullshit,,,,,

The Degenerate Democratic Liberal Politicians live in a illusionary fantasy world, that everythings just gonna be a Grand Utopia and a land of Milk & Honey if they can make cities a Sanctuary City Haven,,,,,

What Happens in Reality is, CRIME goes up, MURDERS, RAPES, ROBBERIES go up, and DRUGS & DOPE run rampet thru out the city !

Essentially Destroying an entire City & Community in a short period of time and creates a lot of urban decay and blight !

and it give the Commie Liberals a reason to "RAISE your TAXES",, to "supposedly" fight exactly what the Liberals "created" and "Injected" into your Community ~ !!!

Yet the majority of that TAX PAYER MONEY as we all have seen really goes to line the pockets of those Liberal Politicians for their next "election" as they reap great "Benefits", that NONE of you will ever have, nor Enjoy, in your life time !!!

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Any Doubts ???

Just ask TONY of Tonys KC, he'll enlighten ya about all the MILLIONS wasted on that 18th & Vine Jazz District thru the decades !!

and about the Multiple times that the River Quay has been remodelded since the early 1990's !!!

How about that screwed up KCPL Power Light District and all the businesses that have moved out and went bankrupt thru the last 7 years !!!

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See how these Degenerate Commie Libtards Destroy everything they come in contact with , just like Cockroaches & Termites, eating away at everything until theres nothing left, and then they are famous for Blaming everybody else but themselves for what they ruined !

This Summer the Murder rate will SKY ROCKET in KCK and KCMO !!!

City officials will as usual hold more meetings, feed more bullshit Rhetoric & Excuses and generally act Clueless as to what to do about it , as usual !!

BUT ,, the 1 thing they can agree on every single fuckin' time, is how to RAISE YOUR TAXES to "supposedly" fight Crime, just as they have for years & Decades in the past !!!

Really looks like its workin' real well huh ???????????

StreetCarSamurai said...

Im telling you guys shit is hitting the fan this summer.

Anonymous said...

LOL. More overtime for the Police Chief.

Anonymous said...

Terry better get scary.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Crime! Wow! Better get on TKC and blog about it! I'm making a difference!

Anonymous said...

...and goes on.

Anonymous said...

If the victims were negroes or mexicans which they most likely were nobody cares so let's move on.

Anonymous said...

Dirty little secret...nobody cares anyway.

Anonymous said...

Some real hard-boiled eggs^^^
Commenting above..huh.

Not so much of a secret at all- You're all really just fatass soft marshmallows,trying to act hard on the WWW.

The majority of you would wet yourselves,in the face of real death & violence

You pecker knats aren't impressing anyone LOL..You're all pussy boy posers.

That's all..Now,PUFF- UP,marshmallows !! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

And you are what?

Anonymous said...

11:AM is just another in a long line of anonymous keyboard warriors.

Anonymous said...

Spose I'll answer you,real quick. I'm a person who like most other persons,care about and am concerned about a triple shooting,anywhere.there's a lot more about me than that but why the fuck would I share it with you..#1 I am not a poser.that's all you need to know about me,marshmallow.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Are you going to the vigil?

Anonymous said...

12:23PM-less talk...more action.

Anonymous said...

^^ clueless statement born
From sheer speculation & ignorance...what else could explain it ?

Anonymous said...

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. We're going to last longer then the greatest wall in China. Or that rabbit with a drum.

If there's one thing that I learned for waiting for my turn. Is anytime you get rainfall oh you also get some sun. And we'll make out better then okay. Here what I say? Any day.

Anonymous said...

Your writing skills lead me to believe you're either in the 6th grade or English is a second language for you.

Anonymous said...

Lol grammar bitche's never have a point especially when they've been schooled on a,idiot

Anonymous said...

They have a suspect, so no balloon release will take place.

Unknown said...

So this is what the media is all about talking an guessing the situation smh there is a really long story of why all that went down it's family problems lives been taken from both sides an yes one suspect is caught but wheres the other one at?