Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kansas City Deadly Hit & Run Overnight

Police search for a suspect in the aftermath of this vehicular homicide. Checkit:

Kansas City police search for driver in fatal hit-and-run

Kansas City police are looking for the driver in a fatal hit-and-run crash. A man was found dead along westbound I-435 near the Grandview Triangle shortly after midnight Wednesday. Police said they received a few calls from drivers saying someone was on the side of the road, but police have not found any witnesses to the crash.


Anonymous said...

What's Tony afraid of ?

Unknown said...

I stopped and tried to help the man before phoning the police. You make it sound like i just called and said hey there's a body on the side of the road and kept driving. There's no telling how long he would have laid there if I hadn't stopped. Furthermore after I stopped about 10 minutes later two other gentlemen in a van had stopped. Humanity is still out there not everybody's heartless. I feel for the family of this gentleman, and Hope whoever hit him and took off is found out and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.