Friday, May 05, 2017

Downtown Convention Hotel Push Back Moves Forward Despite Scorn From Kansas City Elite

Recap and number crunching from our favorite local bean counters who offer a bit of math and insight into the effort to bring the Downtown Hotel to a PUBLIC VOTE . . . Read More:

A New Convention Hotel Is Not Necessarily a Success

Ronnie Burt, head of VisitKC, the convention and visitor's bureau in Kansas City, was quoted by The Kansas City Star complaining about an effort by activists to require a vote on the proposed convention hotel. He said, "I think it's irresponsible for a small group of people to try to derail so much success in this city."


Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I've been telling people, how does a guy like this keep getting hired with all these failures piling up in each city? this is just a money grab for the mayor and his minions. WAKE UP PEOPLE! This is our hard earned money not theirs

Anonymous said...

Patrick Tuohey just slammed that fastball out of the park!

Isn't it utterly amazing what FACTS can tell us?

Ronnie Burt is a circuit-rider for the Convention Hotel Builders of America. Every couple of years he jumps from city to city spreading the gospel of Bigger Better Convention Centers. He doesn't stick around long, because his flim-flam never produces concrete results, just concrete shoes for the local taxpayers.

When Burt made his sole appearance on KCPT's Ruckus, TKC commenters easily saw through his B.S. message.

Anonymous said...

City hall in KCMO is a great target for hucksters, of which Burt is merely a typical example.
Aim4Peace as crime reduction from a PhD in, of all places, Chicago.
Streetcar from the urban futurist road show gang.
NoVa from a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
Consultants with million dollar studies for a new airport terminal.
ShotSpotter from a slick out-of-town salesman.
Endless "tech" toys from all over the country.
But when you have electeds who have barely a passing understanding or appreciation of municipal public policy and really not even much interest in it, they're empty vessels waiting for the next slick to give them the latest BIG NEW THING.
Why should Burt be a surprise?
What are you going to run for next?

Anonymous said...

Sign the referendums! Let's flush this turd once and for all! I mean the hotel, not Burt!