Thursday, April 06, 2017

Trending Homicides Costs Kansas City Dearly

Story quote from a civic crisis that continues to trend upward:

"In 2013, the city’s 100 murders cost Kansas City residents $8.9 million. Aggravated assaults cost nearly $33,000. These costs include everything from first responders, to theft and property damage, even psychological stress."

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Violent crime costs taxpayers millions

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Family is everything to Bridgette Johnson. You can see her excitement as she combs through photo albums and explains the generations with pride. Unfortunately, the last two generations have had similar experiences. "Actually sitting there, preparing the obituary, finding pictures, I never thought I'd be going through that," Johnson told 41 Action News.


Anonymous said...

Hell's bells: If we get 100 dead in the urban core for $8.9 million, the GO bond money alone should buy us an additional 200 and change every year. We could soon "make KC great again" by removing 300 low-life losers from the gene pool each year.

Anonymous said...

Plus in cost an additional 500,000 in Police Chief Overtime.

Anonymous said...

Fuck human life. If we are going to have to spend money too something needs to be done immediately.

Anonymous said...

^^^No, fuck you. Pay up & shut up. Don't like it? Move.

Crazy Clown said...


That's exactly how the Communist Degenerate Democratic Liberal Lib'Tards work too , followed up with tons of lousy excuses & lies !

Typical of how a Communist / Socialist Regime works to destroy an entire city, community , country !!!

Anonymous said...

Imagine how many nogs we could wipe out with $9 million.

A bunch.