Saturday, April 08, 2017


In Kansas City, a recent vote to lessen the the penalties for marijuana possession highlights the fact that weed is widely available in this town and no longer considered a serious vice.

Attitudes have evolved on this topic quickly given legalization in several states and the clear economic benefit of the marijuana industry for local biz.

Already, in the coming election there's a candidate who promises to continue to work of making Kansas City a "cannabis sanctuary" if he's elected. Given that Question 5 was passed with more than 70 percent approval and was the most popular item on this week's ballot, that's not a bad election platform.

The effort to curb this legal weed advocacy progress was undertaken by old school politicos and hack newspaper writers and their words were completely ignored given that they ultimately ignored that the social stigma over weed possession is now mostly a thing of the past.

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TKC doesn't recommend or condemn smoking weed because telling people what to do is a gateway to irrelevance. Instead, we simply acknowledge that the culture of Kansas City is changing. Question 5 success paves the way for even more local marijuana advocacy. Reality: Weed is just as widely available as candy in Kansas City. 

And so we offer tonight's Kansas City 2017 marijuana playlist for locals who are already enjoying local reefer madness with fewer local legal consequences . . .

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe and fun Saturday night . . .


Anonymous said...

black sabbath sweet leaf. Nice touch.

Elliot Ness said...

At ease. - Smoke 'em if you got 'em.

Anonymous said...

Kc is for junkies.

Anonymous said...

Why not just make it legal , happy voter's paying for it , major tax windfall for the Killa City , the slyster will be able to roll around naked in $100 bills for eternity . ¡! Bitch

Anonymous said...

Weed capital of the mid-west!
Fifth worst-run city in the US!
One-third the number of murders of New York City!
A 2-mile streetcar ride!
The city that never sleeps!
If you can make it here, you'll make it anywhere!
Be sure not to step in any cow pies!

Anonymous said...

Who needs Al Queda when you have KC libtards running things. They can destroy more under the guise of political correctness than a KCI full of terrorists

Anonymous said...

Sorry folks but some form of legalized mj is the future and the time is near. Let it be taxed and sold so we can all reap the benefits'

Byron Funkhouser said...

We can't legalize marijuana because this is a free country, & we can't just have people doing what they want.

We need to keep the pot trade in the hands of the street gangs. We need to keep this money in the un-taxed, black market.

Yes, it's sad to put young people in prison for life, but this war on drug users is for the good of the country. Remember, Der Fuhrer wants to make America Great Again by putting Americans first.

We have more people in prison than any other country.

Anonymous said...

Exactly where you should be thief.

Anonymous said...

The only black market that Der Funkhouser supports is the one that his mud shark wife goes to. Gimme some brown sugar!