Friday, April 07, 2017


After the U.S. military unleashed a barrage of Tomahawk missiles on Syrian military targets following reports of chemical attacks on civilians by the ruling Assad regime, now the war for control of the narrative amid this nation's divisive discourse is now in full swing.

To wit . . .


Highlights from some of the smarter comments and behind the scenes chatter . . .

First and foremost, the dissent should be noted . . .

"President Trump has been duped into military action, there will be more, there will be other countries, there will be an escalation of war-mongering to fulfill the Big Oil foreign policy agenda."

The reaction to conspiracy theories has been swift among locals:

"Whatever. Chemical weapons used on children in mass is not something anyone should stand around and ignore."

An important summary from a rather smart TKC blog community denizens: 

"As far as evidence saying otherwise on Assad gassing his own people, is something you have pulled out of the air. There is full evidence Assad deliberately gassed his people. This has nothing to do with oil, Assad picked this fight not Trump. This is about humanity something Obama and democrats know nothing about. To have let this go on like Obama did, would be like the people who turned their back on Hitler gassing the Jews. If you want to go after big business people go after Hillary Clinton for the money she got from the Saudi's for favors."

For better or worse, Kansas City native and Democratic leader has emerged from his disappearance following election defeat and weighed in on the issue from a partisan perspective:

NPR: Sen. Kaine: Before Syria Strike, Trump Should Have Included Congress

The GOP reaction . . .

McConnell: New war bill not needed for Trump's Syria strikes

And so, here's where an exceptionally complex issue becomes very simple for locals . . .


That's not to say that there hasn't or won't be important dissent and questions . . . But OUR KICK-ASS TKC SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH and a few conversations this morning with opinion leaders confirms that rooting against the home team doesn't play well in Kansas City. Furthermore, turning what is purportedly a defense of human rights into a partisan attack doesn't seem to be moving the dial for Democratic Party loyalists.

Accordingly, and as this story evolves, take a look at some of the most important aspects of the Syrian crisis.

Fox News: Trump's Syria strike draws praise from critics, but renews debate over Congress' role

NBC News: Trump Reverses Policy on Syrian Airstrikes After Years of Tweeting Disapproval

Telegraph UK: US strikes on Syria: Donald Trump's missile attack 'kills four children' as Russia condemns 'aggression'

Politico: Trump's Troll Army Isn't Ready for War in Syria

WaPo: Russia condemns US missile strike on Syria, suspends key air agreement

Wired: The US Strike on Syria Underscores Trump's Media-Fueled Worldview

Fox News: Stockholm terror attack: At least 3 killed after truck plows into Swedish shopping center

CNN: Syria just changed Donald Trump's presidency

Bloomberg: Trump's Syria Strike Sends Not-So-Subtle Warning to U.S. Rivals

Five Thirty Eight Blog: The Syria Strike Is Trump's First Big Break From His Campaign Rhetoric

As always, you decide . . .


K.I.S.S. said...

Support the troops

Anonymous said...

Dhimmi Timmy pouts he wasn't given the say on Syria sneak strikes! CBS' Charlie, Norah, and Gayle noted POTUS Trump going to God talk about this most serious decision for taking down those sickos gassing their own. Uh oh, Timmy don't go for Christian prayers in public. Oh, right, that's for Virginny state police chaplains.

Plus, Rand Paul's a crybaby like Kaine.

chuck said...

I support the Prez, but before we all start flogging our dolphins and slappin each other on the back, we should remember those oh so excellent adventures in our freshly remembered past.

The Iraq, Bush/Cheney war was an unambiguated disaster. A galactic blunder that diminished our blood, treasure and reputation on the world stage and left a vacuum filled by the Mullahs in Iran.

There is always blow back and every action has a reaction. Everyone has a plan until they get hit in the fuckin mouth.

All of these stupid fuckin wars deplete our nation's coffers and send our kids home in coffins.

Those videos on line of kids at Walter Reed, make me sick. My family has gone to war at the drop of a hat every generation since the Civil War. It's a terrible, terrible action that should ONLY be taken in defense of one's country. We no longer have national interests in the mid east. We have fracked our way into oil independence and as sorry as I am that those idiots keep killing kids and each other over ALLAH, I wouldn't spend the sweat off of one fuckin American's nutsack for one fuckin p o s in the mid east.

Smarter men then the ones we have elected over the last half century, were drawn into conflicts they soon regretted entering.

The last time, anyone saw Rudyard Kipling's son, on the front, fighting the Germans, he was running to the rear, his jaw blown off, puking blood and screaming like a zombie. He had shamed his son into going to "See The Elephant".

"If they asked us
why we died,
tell them because
our fathers lied.

Rudyard Kipling

Byron Funkhouser said...

We call them Syrians, but actually they are two different ethnic groups, which is why, in Assad's mind, he did not gas his own people. Assad's people are a decided minority.

I thought that the strike was proportional.

seanot said...

Proportional perhaps. But why is it the job of the US to inflict such strikes?

Anonymous said...

The Saudis don't like Alawites. Saudi ass-kissing and sectarian violence is good for the US bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Saudi Arabia has longer time frames for their agendas. At some point, they'll say thanks for your help, we really do not like Israel.

Anonymous said...

All of this is exactly what the Jews want. There is a reason that Jared has the ear of Trump.
Wake up, people.

Anonymous said...

do not support this dweeb.

Do not let him claim the lives of more innocent people.

Anonymous said...

Lifelong Democratic Party supporter here, but President Trump did the right thing!

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

Because nobody else in this world gives a shit
We make our mistakes, but we are still the only country that believes in doing right

Anonymous said...

We members of the Anti-Anti-censorship collation usually mock chuck on all of his posts on this blog, but today we are in agreement. Credit where credit is due. Nicely done sir.

Bob said...

11:58, the Alawites are a different religious sect from the Shiites and the Sunnis (etc.), but not a different ethnic group.

Anonymous said...


Real KC said...

I don't support bombing, unless we're all getting bombed with Miller Lite.

Anonymous said...

2:58, sorry but I can't support a Miller Lite bombing. Make it a Boulevard Pale Ale and I'm fine with it.

Boulevard Tom said...

^^^^^ +1

Anonymous said...

Mark it on the calendar: Byron makes the intelligent comment, Chuck makes the wrong-headed comment.

Anonymous said...

Next time lets tag a battalion or two of Ruskies. They've been needing an ass kicking for decades.

Anonymous said...

F'king A, war is hell, people. Sure, it'd be perfect if the whole world would PEACE OUT and LUV-IZ-ALL-U-KNEAD and KOOM-BYE-AH and IMAGINE like Lennon!!!!!!!!!! Nice, but ain't likely. Americans, right and wrong, have taken the fight to hell's door on far shores. Some say we should mind our own biz, deal with our own domestic devils--BLAH, BLANKETY, BLAH, BLAH--uh, suuure wish the world didn't need policing.

What's that old saying about WHEN GOOD MEN DO NOTHING. ..?
I get Chuck's point, somewhat, on picking our battles, and the prices of war. But, "warriors" of many types sacrificed so very much to build up this nation. Farms, factories, and many modes of fortune seeking has BROKEN and BLESSED generations of Americans.

Anonymous said...

There is a saying, "If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem." If America does not lead in these situations the rest of the world sits on its ass licking it's chops bolstering the notion that no human life is important enough to save. We have seen the results of this thinking in our own country. We will never make the world accept our values, but no one should encounter the terror of an agonizing, painful, nightmarish death intentionally inflicted by government heads.with no hope for salvation. Human life is just a little more important than politics or the risk required to save it.