Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Kansas City Tessa Tuesday Link Pool

The Internets curvy model of record inspires this quick peek at all of the Kansas City mainstream media news for right now . . .

Kansas City Cowtown Sports Town Hype

Kansas City officials hope to attract more NCAA events

The NCAA is set to select sites on Tuesday for upcoming events and Kansas City officials are hoping for more business from the country's premier college sports organization. The city submitted 55 bids for the 2018-2022 academic years, said Kathy Nelson, Kansas City Sports Commission President and CEO.

Dead Tree Media Prison Deliberation

Editorial: The Jackson County jail should not be a death sentence

An expensive lawsuit and some soul-searching by Jackson County officials will likely be required to uncover the truth about the circumstances surrounding ReGina Thurman's death at the detention center in January. This horrific, possibly preventable death has all the markings of a poorly functioning system colliding with bad judgment.

JoCo Beat Down Lesson Aftermath

Blue Valley special education teacher's husband describes her injuries from classroom assault

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - A classroom assault happened in a special education program at the Blue Valley Center on Monday. Robert Anderson says doctors tell him his wife has a concussion, human bites, a knee injury and a second head injury.

Lost & Found Ladies
UPDATE: Mother, daughter found safe according to Kansas City police
KC Cage Fighting Conclusion

Kansas City was the arrival of spring for the UFC, and Whittaker arrived with it

If the bombinating bantamweight Tom Duquesnoy had kicked off the UFC on FOX 24 main card on Saturday night, it would have been the tidiest, most-perfect four-fight package to ever descend into the...

Yordano Death Danger Trend

Safety of Dominican players subject of upcoming HBO "Real Sports"

The death of Yordano Ventura was just part of a growing problem.

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Anonymous said...

More Jackson County Jail problems. This is getting old.

Anonymous said...

Royal lesson number one: Never drive a Jeep like it is a sports car.