Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Kansas City Link Pool Tonight

Jordan Carver hotness keeps us interested in the local news scene and some of these local Kansas City items from tonight's news cycle. Dive right in . . .

Kansas City New School Survivor Story

Kansas City teen lucky to be alive after he's struck by van while riding his bike

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Robert Walker, 17, bears the scars of a life-changing incident after he was run over while he was riding is bike with his brother on 31st and Prospect. "When I look at this bike, you would think the person on it would have died when you look at this bike."

Show-Me Legal Debate

Lawyers argue Missouri church-state Supreme Court case should go on; entire AG's office recuses itself

WASHINGTON * Lawyers on both sides of a Missouri church-and-state case were set to argue Wednesday before the U.S. Supreme Court, despite debate about whether Gov. Eric Greitens' announcement that religious organizations should be allowed to apply for state resources had rendered the case moot.

Rock Chalk Booze Liberation

Kansas grocery, convenience stores can sell stronger beer in 2019

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A beer battle has brewed in Kansas for decades and now, a small victory for those who have pushed to sell stronger beer in grocery and convenience stores. Tuesday, Governor Sam Brownback signed SB13 into law.

Dead Mall Graveyard Renaissance

Old Indian Springs mall location could get new life

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Plans to renovate the old Indian Spring Shopping Center are in the works. The Lane4 Property Group has proposed using 26 acres of the lot for flex/tech buildings and light industrial spaces. The Unified Government is also ready to develop the property.

Westside D-Bag Central Celebration

Tour the newly converted Switzer Lofts on KC's West Side

The once-dilapidated properties - five buildings in all that were the former West High, West Junior High and Switzer Elementary schools - have been reborn as Switzer Lofts after a $24 million renovation.

Fear The Sleaze Summit Overpass

Lee's Summit neighborhood concerned over proposed bridge

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - A proposed bridge project has groups of neighbors frustrated at city leaders and voicing both safety and noise concerns. The $920,000 project calls for a bridge to link 5th Terrace and Bordner Drive, cutting through a creek and green space area popular amongst some of the local children.

Salvy Saves The Day Amid FAIL

Salvador Perez somehow made this play at the plate to tag Brandon Belt

Salvador Perez came up with a spectacular tag at home against the San Francisco Giants. Kansas City Royals catcher Salvador Perez may have just come up with the best defensive play he'll have all year and it's not even May.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Ya,great play..we've got excellent D ,good pitching ,and shit for hitters.

JimBrodi said...

We're coming off a 4 game win streak and a sweep. There was bound to be a bounce.

Anonymous said...

True that ^^ just frustrating as hell..all the stranded runner's. We just can't keep doing that, and expect to be anywhere near competitive.

KC DJ said...

Hosmer's hit was solid.Don't want to blame the umps but KC has always suffered the most b.s. calls.

Anonymous said...

If the royals miss the playoffs by one game.

This was that game.

Anonymous said...

"Lawyers argue Missouri church-state Supreme Court case should go on; entire AG's office recuses itself"

State will loose this one. Remember in the good old U.S.A. the Federal government issues radio and TV licenses to religious broadcasters, provides grants to hospitals ran by religious organizations and provides them with tax exempt status while the tax payers are picking up the tab.

Anonymous said...

"Kansas grocery, convenience stores can sell stronger beer in 2019"

This is a huge marketing myth. There is actually little to no difference in 3.2% and 6.0% beer. One is measured by weight and the other by volume. 6.0 percent beer by volume was created to meet liquor regulations that allowed a maximum of 6 percent alcohol content in beer sold in clubs and liquor stores. The fact is that 6 percent is the maximum content allowed by law, per volume. In reality most 6 percent beers have 4.5 to 5 percent beer by volume which equates to near zero difference in real alcohol content. You can bet the shit kickers will argue the point, but it is FACT!!!!