Monday, April 24, 2017

Sounds For Kansas City Royals Fanboys

Hipster public tv reporting offers insight into all of the recycled sounds for local jock lovers. Take a listen and realize that bad music is another reason to avoid games that mostly feature losing and punching women in the face. Take a look:

Sympathetic Vibrations | Make Your Royals Tailgate Turnt

The Royals season is back in full swing. And following last week's fanfare-laden home opener, baseball fever has once again descended upon our fair city. While the boys in blue are still working out some of the kinks on field left by both voluntary and (tear) involuntary roster holes, Opening Day saw yet another stellar exhibition of tailgating prowess.


Anonymous said...

And be sure and leave a massive pile of trash behind because YOU DON'T GIVE NO FUCKS!!

Anonymous said...

I hope no one's getting down on Gordo.I have it from my neighbors chiropractor, who's cousin,has a neighbor who golf's with royals strengthening coach,who says Alex has went full-blown gonzo with his workouts.

Should help his hitting.

Mikey Sweeney said...

That's good insight 8:10, we already know that he is a bonafide gym rat who keeps himself in tremendous shape... but to hear that he's stepped things up shows the genuine quiet leadership that he's well known for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike!! High praise,buddy.sure hope that backs been doing ok for ya.

Gordo Nation Baby