Thursday, April 27, 2017

Show-Me Ruling: Dealing Heroin Is Not Missouri Religious Freedom?!?!

Credit where it's due . . . This bit of reporting on a faith community movement is probably the only interesting thing in the newspaper this week:

Distributing heroin part of Missouri man's religious beliefs, he claims in appeal

A convicted heroin dealer in St. Louis lost an appeal based on his argument that prosecutors violated his right to religious freedom. He said that he had created a religious nonprofit to provide heroin to the "sick, lost, blind, lame, deaf and dead members of God's Kingdom," according to the appeals court ruling.


Anonymous said...

Rastafarian, huh?

Phil Cardarella said...

Makes as much sense as handling snakes. Or Scientology.

Anonymous said...

He should have tried the medical opium angle that seems to be so popular.

Crazy Clown said...

only a degenerate democrat liberal would try a stupid ass stunt like that, and everybody knows, Liberals love their DRUGS & DOPE !!