Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Newsflash!!! City Hall Human Resources FAIL Costs Kansas City Taxpayers BIG BUCKS!!!

Hiring at 12th & Oak has always been about politics . . . From the middle-class white lady workers who run Mayor Sly & City Manager Troy Schulte . . . To the many political connects that turn around and sue KCMO. Here's PART of the reason why without any real reform proposed. Checkit:

City audit critical of Kansas City Human Resources Department

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An audit being presented to Kansas City Council's Finance & Governance committee Wednesday morning lists multiple shortfalls within the city's Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Office, an extension of the city's Human Resource Department that is tasked with investigating city employee claims of harassment and discrimination in the workplace.


Anonymous said...

Kansas Fucking City

Total mess

Anonymous said...

Hope nobody thinks anything will be done about this.

Anonymous said...

Now audit the water dept

Anonymous said...

It's about time this got out. Many frustrated employees. First time this long time problem has been addresses in 25 years. Water dept handles their own separately. Must audit both. Time to drain the HR city swamp. Clean the Kitchen. Throw out the old obannon. Make some more pay outs. Start over.