Thursday, April 06, 2017

Kansas City Tax Fighters Continue To Hold Politicos Accountable After GO Bond Defeat

Follow-up and a continued call for accountability . . .

The Election is over ... We lost!

CFRG and Fellow Patriots,

The election is over and we lost. It appears we had about 25,000 voters but they got 35,000 voters. CFRG spent $1000, they spent $1,000,000. We spent .04 cents per vote: they spent $28.50 per vote. We believe this will be the wave of the future. Money will buy elections and without money it will be difficult to compete. CFRG wants to thank all of you who contributed time, effort and money to the campaign. Now it's time to move on.

At the beginning of the campaign we asked City Hall to provide us with a "MEASURABLE /MEANINGFUL" list of projects they plan to spend the $800,000,000 we just gave them on. We also told them we did not want "TAXATION WITHOUT SPECIFICATION". They have provided "schedule A" a non-binding list of projects. Please mark your calendars on June 1st, 2018 to ask City Hall for a spending report on the projects.

It is time now to ask Jermaine Reed (816-513-6513, and Quinton Lucas (816-513-6511, how they have spent the $7,000,000 the Council gave them for 18th and Vine about a year ago. They asked for $21,000,000 but had it reduced to $7,000,000 and it is time for an accounting. This is what needs to be done if we are to expect accountability for our money. Do your part and ask for an accounting. Perhaps they will come forward and make a report on their own which would be nice. An open and transparent City Hall is what we should expect. It's our money!

Thanks to all of you for your support,



Anonymous said...

Elections have consequences. The first consequence is not to respond to the losers. said...

Gosh, I see Generalissimo Glorioso got up early today. He has adopted the Mussolini strategy.

Ya know, when citizens were lied to, with your million dollar propaganda campaign, you're free to gloat--for a bit. But ultimately, this town is not just broke but broken--so you might want to consider more dialogue and solutions.

Silverback Sly Express said...

Funny, 8:51.

Glorioso is really thinking, since the threshold to pass future GO bonds will be 67%, we shoulda asked for three times more this time!!!

Anonymous said...

8:53--and w'ere off to the races once again!

Anonymous said...

Second consequence is not to respond to triggered babies on blog posts.

Anonymous said...

Which Caddy dealership gets most of the seven million? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

The voters deserve what they vote for, and they are gonna get it HARD.

Anonymous said...

Hear that ??????

Can already hear the Swooshing sound, as KCMO Businesses vacate and leave KCMO for other parts of the metro or, across state lines !!

Already a lotta vacant businesses in KCMO and more coming !!

as well as home owners and more Blight & poverty,,,,

The idiot Jack-Offs at KCMO City hall,,, did it again and AGAIN in just a few years down the road they'll want yet ANOTHER TAX INCREASE to pay for - YOU guessed it - what the 1st TAX Increase was supposed to pay for !!!!!!!!!!

watch and see !!!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, and what is funny is, they think it's only going to be an $8.00 hike. Remember this is a reassessment year too, and people have been paying way too much for some homes in KC.
Suck it up folks November will be here soon enough. HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

OMG! What are gonna do!!!! Fuck off you triggered repubtards. KC wins you lose. Pay up or move. Ha ha ha. I love it!