Thursday, April 13, 2017


Scary scene in the urban core this morning . . .

"Police say a woman called around 2:15 a.m. Thursday to report seeing a woman being dragged into a van near Elma and Prospect. According to the caller, several individuals got out of a white van and dragged a young lady from an alley into the van that had a handicapped tag."

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Police investigate after woman abducted in KCMO

Police are searching for a woman after she was abducted early Thursday morning. Officers say five men forced a woman into a minivan with a handicap plaque in the window and then took off.


Anonymous said...

Another one for the Cold Case files.

Anonymous said...

Are there every any good news stories originating from Prospect Ave? Like @8:22 said, cold case this one.

-Clay C.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just one of those 24 million tourists going by quick response, special equipped Uber to another of KC's nightlike funspots. Yep, we're KindKC, all hours, in every alley.

-King J.

Anonymous said...

In an alley, in the middle of the night? That was no lady. She didn't deserve what happened to her, but it's no surprise.

Anonymous said...

Quick someone call Bolonzo Washmachin. With his rubber duck, toy drone and billions of tipster he could have this wrapped up by the time global warming withers his watermelon.

Anonymous said...


jeramy weeks said...

Any new info on this case? This might be connect to incident that occurred late wed night in Merriam KS

Looking for people who attended concert wed 4/12 at Aftershock Merriam KS. Or seen anything in the area..
I have a family member that went to that concert and she got left by her "friend" and family member left walking from aftershock. She was beaten up and robbed and raped. There was more then 1 rapist.
I've been searching Internet for anyone who attended the show. Pics/Video Any info would be greatly appreciated.