Saturday, April 01, 2017

Kansas City Fashion Week Bans Bow Ties

A favorite accessory among the political set has been FORBIDDEN from Kansas City Fashion Week festivities.

A local fashion insider claimed: "The bow tie is OUT this year. It's a gimmick, an outdated symbol and a substitute for creativity."

On the bright side, we hear the Crocs are making a comeback. Check this great, rising star local blogger to read more: Kansas City Fashion Week 2017 Starts Strong - Sarah Scoop


Anonymous said...

The bow tie is out? Let's hope the mayor goes with it.

Anonymous said...

Wranglers and flannel still okay? Good! We are what we are. ++++7:25

Hyperblogal said...

Just think of all the sales tax revenue lost since Mission Center was plowed under.

Anonymous said...

i wore bow ties when nobody did.

now that everybody does, i don't.