Sunday, April 23, 2017

Kansas City Chiefs 2017 Schedule Rigged

NFL conspires to keep Kansas City's football team competitive. Take a look:

"The Chiefs have plus-12 days more rest than their opponents, which leads the NFL by far." 

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Here's why the Chiefs might've been given the friendliest schedule in the NFL

There probably weren't too many complaints in Kansas City after the schedule was released


Anonymous said...

One and done in playoffs?

Anonymous said...

At $60 for parking... Karma says they won't make the playoffs.

Alex Smith couldn't get a job at Home Depot- they are scared of him because of all the screens he has thrown.

The geriatric Vahe heaps the KC Star bias on draft picks and makes fun of the best player on the team for past sins the fans have already forgiven. If Vahe is so righteous- why did he move here and potentially take a young persons job? The Star should just set up a nursing home for its staff and keep them dual assigned to the editorial board.

...and they wonder why they lose readership and youngsters.

Anonymous said...

Who still cares about football these days???

Mr stoplights said...

Everyone cares about MIZZOU football. At least you people better if you know what's good for