Thursday, April 20, 2017

Jackson County Prosecutor 'Mean' Jean Peters Baker Talks Blight Fight Against Crime

The universally discredited 'Broken Windows Theory' finds it's way into the local discourse once more as the Kansas City 2017 homicide count trends toward another 20% increase this year over last. Read more:

Jackson County Prosecutor On Violence And Blight, And Economics Of Income Ineqaulity

Jean Peters Baker's work doesn't end when she steps out of the Jackson County Courthouse. In fact, the county's top prosecutor recently hosted a cleanup event on the 2300 block of Denver Avenue in Kansas City to reduce blight and fight crime.


Anonymous said...

I grew up in a small town in Linn county. My Dad had a decent job at the power plant so we did okay for the most part Mom stayed at home and raised us 4 brats.Nobody in town was what you called rich by any means, in fact most were poor and lived in some rather shitty old houses. There was even 3 black families in town. One was an old man another an old woman and the third was a family with one daughter who I went to school with for all of grade school.

The point I want to make is that here we had poor people some black people and there wasn't anyone shooting anyone. You could leave your doors unlocked all the time nobody came into your place stealing your stuff. Farmers came to town with one or two guns in the back window of the pickup truck everyday of the week. A crime wave was when 3 or so pumpkins got smashed into the street on Halloween night. No rolling gun battles or knife fights at either of the local bars or the legion.

Poor people and old houses does not cause crime. Poor people living in shitty houses does not cause crime.

Crime is the direct result of too many freebies, shitty parents, not being allowed to put the fear of God into your kids, not being allowed to warm the seat of some pants when a kid does get caught doing wrong. The day the snowflakes thought they had a better way to do it is the day our world went to shit and crime just keeps getting worse and worse under the snowflake leadership of past. Learning how to live without is one of the greatest life lessons anyone can learn. When it came time for college we were all four told that we could have any education we wanted but we were going to have to pay for it ourselves. Both my parents had a high school only education and if I must say so they raised 4 kids who knew right from wrong and have worked for all we have today and appreciate what we have.

Crazy Clown said...


Most of those "SNOW FLAKES" your referring to are "Secret Communists", of the Communist party.
If you look and study at how the Communist / Socialist party works at Destroying their own countries & communities, you'll find they do so thru lies & deception, and Spin.
Their like Gypsies trying to sell Medicine Snake Oil, only its really "Horse Piss", to those naïve enough to buy the shit, without checking.

Those Liberal Snow Flakes are no different than the Gypsies !!!

Their whole Agenda is to create "Chaos & Discord", but, they aren't going to come right out and admit any of that.

All these Drive By shootings, Cops being Shot, the Gangsta' Thug Culture, advocating Drug Use and Sexual weirdness is all part of their plan to Destroy Society, thinking they'll be able to just take whatever they want, once the break down begins in law enforcement.

The Communists have infiltrated the news media on many levels as well as Colleges & Universities and brainwashed a vast majority of youth into some bullshit SJW Movement that promotes & advocates Communism, in a very sly secretive way, and the youth aren't even aware of it.

These Communist liberals are very Dangerous people,and are very violent , most are young brain washed under 30 year old College / universi'fied morons and dipshits who attend those Commie Liberal colleges and got their heads so filled with bullshit, their damn near retarded !

All that SJW Bullshit is nothing more than Communist Sympathizer advocacy , what it boils down to , and their too stupid & ignorant to realize it.

Anonymous said...

Man...You hit the nail on the head big time. I don't think anyone could have said it better.

Anonymous said...

Jackson County Prosecutor On Violence And Blight, And Economics Of Income Ineqaulity
By Steve Kraske & Luke X. Martin • 6 hours ago


That's the KCUR, KC Star's Steve Kraske liberal spelling spin!

As Hillary Clinton said about her own brain damage....What difference does it make?

Anonymous said...

It's divide and conquer. There are big names and big money behind it. Soros is one Clinton's are another and many many more.

Look up some of the liberals on Mark Dice videos to see how stupid they are it's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Jean Penis Baker. lol Alonzo

Anonymous said...

Funny how the metros with libtard politicians running things are the ones with all the crime.

Anonymous said...

the crazy clown = my hero

Anonymous said...

Mean Jean is what my granddaddy would have called "worthless as tits on a snake."

Anonymous said...

This isn't broken windows theory. Broken windows theory is the prosecution of minor crimes to deter violent ones. Doesn't work. Addressing economic inequality (no, we don't all have the same amount of money) that is exacerbated by blight (which reduces property value and deters investment) results in less crime. Read a book, morons!

Anonymous said...

Jean needs these community projects to keep her occupied. She sure as fuck isn't spending her time doing any thing about crime.....but I bet the Peckerwoods sit on their ass and watch her get reelected.

Anonymous said...

^^ the nigs are felons and are not allowed to vote so yes its up to the peckerwoods to vote her out.

Anonymous said...

There ain't nothing"crazy"about that..

And you don't come off as anywhere close to being a "clown#..

Great post,Crazy Clown! !!!

Anonymous said...

^^^Maybe just go ahead and blow him you fuckin lemming.