Thursday, April 06, 2017


Big money debate in the Sunflower State after their previous financial schemes seem to have failed . . . Take a look:

Kansas senators debating flat tax proposal

The Kansas Senate began debating a flat tax proposal Thursday morning. SB 214 would create a single, uniform tax bracket of 4.6 percent. The state now has income tax brackets of 2.7 percent and 4.6 percent. Sen. Caryn Tyson, R-Parker, said the bill was a "decent product" of the Senate's tax committee, which she chairs.

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Anonymous said...

It went down down down, man, with only three voting in favor of it. Everybody ... right, looney right and slightly centrist (the only categories they have in the Kansas Senate) said fuck dat shit. There will be more fun ... of the fear & loafing persuasion. Stay tuned.