Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fear Kansas City Midweek Morning Gunfire

Early morning shooting starts the midweek and leaves a shooting victim in critical condition. Checkit:

One seriously injured after shooting in KCMO

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One person was shot near 24 th Terrace and College Ave. in Kansas City, Missouri Wednesday morning. The male victim was found in the street when police arrived at the scene. The victim was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries. This is a developing story.


Anonymous said...

There it is again, College Ave. They really need to rename it MLK to match its reputation as among the worst streets in the city for crime. I highly doubt anyone on College Ave has a college degree, unlike College Blvd where the people aren't uneducated savages that kill over nothing.

Anonymous said...

Just another day in Killa City.
Wonder how much this murder is going to cost the citizens in Police Chief Overtime?
10,000.00 ?