Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fact Check: Progressive Gun Rights Support Strengthened Democratic Party Performance In Kansas Congressional Special Election

An inconvenient fact mainstream media downplays amid all of their hype about the possibility of political gains to be had amid the Prez Trump era . . . Like it or not, moving closer to the center for many Democratic Party denizens is the only hope of remaining relevant. Take a look: "Thompson didn’t run as a conservative Democrat, but he did stress his support for gun rights, taking a more right-leaning stance towards illegal immigration, support for law enforcement, and balanced it out with support for gay rights. It seems that support for Second Amendment rights and immigration enforcement could shake the stigma that Democrats are hyper left in these races that are decided by local factors."

Real Clear Politics: No, The Kansas Special Election Wasn't A 'Warning Shot' For The GOP

It's not a warning shot because the ominous signs might be right in the GOP's faces, though this moral victory by Democrats might just be one that is usual with these events: un-measurable and fraught with moving goal posts.

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