Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Celebrate Metcalf South Demolition

On the bright side, the middle-class can't blame this mall destruction on minorities and must instead look to overbuilding and horrible planning that endures in the suburbs. Checkit:

After 50 Years Of Indoor Shopping, Metcalf South Is Coming Down In Overland Park

This week marks beginning of the end of the Metcalf South Shopping Center in Overland Park, Kansas. It's officially demolition time -- though it might be hard to tell for awhile. The 50-acre site at the southeast corner of 95th and Metcalf Avenue is now surrounded by a simple chain link fence.


Anonymous said...

Metro North (Metcalf South's twin sister) has been demolished. They were both developed by MD Management. Metro North was doomed when developers moved west to Zona Rosa. It was the next big thing, all shiny and inviting. Zona has vacancy issues and will probably suffer the same fate when developers move to the next open space. There are no new jobs being created with these projects. Existing businesses simply pick up and move to new digs, leaving the old location rotting until it's demolished. Sad...

Anonymous said...

As if we needed another Lowe's or more stupid over priced apartment buildings. You can find those any place. What you can't seem to find anywhere is a good old 1980's style retro mall which developers are willing to refurbish and reopen. It would be nothing short of a novelty these days. Metcalf South would have been a prime site for this. Idiots.