Tuesday, April 18, 2017


An important roundup of all the players competing for their piece of the cowtown Internets market and touting gigabit speed. Checkit:

The Broadband Battle Is On in Kansas City, Mo.

(TNS) -- Time Warner Cable is dead. Long live Time Warner, er, Spectrum. Where not long ago Google Fiber was the new cool kid in Kansas City, bringing to town a high-tech cachet and the promise of broadband to burn, now it's the focus of ridicule in a Spectrum ad campaign.


Anonymous said...

Through this whole time, my constant question is this: who the f*$% needs the ability to transfer terabytes of porn nearly instantly? I mean, I have 'almost' the fastest speed available in my town at 20 MB/s rated, 5 MB/s actual. You click on a nudie and it pops up almost instantly. You KCMO denizens with a 'need' for GB/s internet are going to wear your dongs out, mark my words. That much whackin' can NOT be healthy.

Anonymous said...

So far what Spectrum's mostly done is to offer great new deals to attract new customers and increase the cost of services to current customers.
Not a good sign, but I guess to be expected in a mostly monopoly market.
Should be an opportunity for some competitors to cash in.

Anonymous said...

Lipstick on a pig

Spectrum = Time Warner

Same crap, different name.

Dukey said...

Google screwed the pooch with their half assed tv n phone,,,

Anonymous said...

Until these ISPs are forced to compete with each those your 15 dollar per month Internet will continue to cost $75.00. If we really wish to see net neutrality we have to stop these Internet cartels from creating media empires on the Internet built with our tax dollars. It is akin to being beaten with your own stick. The government needs to stop handing out free Internet anyone using tax payer dollars when the whole damn infrastructure would cost near nothing if we put a stop to this government sponsored hijacking. Talk about as fucking scheme.

Cletus said...

My favorite broadband is L7.