Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bernie Seyz Democrats Wasted Opportunity In Kansas Congressional Special Election

Sage wisdom from the only viable alternative to the corporate Democratic Party establishment that lost by way of Hillary. Take a look:

Sanders: Democrats should have put more into Kansas special

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said Sunday Democrats should have done more to help a special election candidate in last week's surprisingly close Kansas race. James Thompson, a veteran and civil rights attorney who Sanders endorsed, lost by just 6 percentage points to Kansas Treasurer Ron Estes in the heavily Republican 4th District.


Anonymous said...

Corporate democrats would rather lose than help a real progressive win

Anonymous said...

Last 30 years of the Democratic party.

1 - Lose election
2 - Discover why. Ignoring rural voters
3 - Vow to change in next election, but do nothing.
4 - Go back to step 1 and repeat.

This includes progressive activists, not just the DNC. Where was Michael Moore to rally the base and get out the vote? Probably still giving advice about the importance of showing up in flyover country on MSNBC from their NYC studio.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile all the Naïve & Clueless Democrap communist / Socialst Lib'Tards can continue to send Commie Bernie your hard earned money so he can continue to live in his $650,000 home he recently purchased and NOT actually hold a real job, but continue to live off US Tax Dollars !!!

Don't forget communist Green Party Phony Jill Stein too, who took millions from Naïve unsuspecting clueless supporters !!!

she's now residing in luxury in Bora Bora, a tropical island paradise thanks to all the clueless naïve Lib'tards out there who fell for her Snake Oil salesman gypsy bullshit !!!

Anonymous said...

Crazy Clown is the result of the republicans cutting funding for mental health.

Anonymous said...

Michael Moore? Ha-ha, they would lose by more votes if Moore would show his face....and he knows people can't digest him anymore, that why he did not show up.

Anonymous said...

11:17 parroting the same old tired DNC talking points.

Anonymous said...

Bernie eat your prunes and the caretaker will be in to change your Depends shortly.