Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Tragic Kansas City Terror Scare Milestone

MSM and many local skeptics cast doubt regarding the real world danger of this threat but this article offers more insight into this cowtown moving up the terrorism rankings. Take a look: Kansas City Bomb Scheme Becomes First Terror Plot in 2017


Anonymous said...

Fucking heritage institute.

Anonymous said...

Who was skeptical of a mouthing off drunk in an Olathe bar, huh? Word to the wiseasses, Hester made the first move online, with hatespeech right along with threats. He did as we've seen those sicko pedos do, by hanging out the bright, blinking neon sign. Then, like the baby raper shows up to a meet-up and says all the sicko shit with full intent of follow through. Hester chose to access the means for committing mayhem and murder.