Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Sunday night and Monday morning our KICK-ASS TKC blog community had a good time joking this bit of local news regarding the fading fortunes of the newspaper . . . Tonight, they're forced to do a bit of explaining . . .

Kansas City Star property portfolio listed for $46 million in sale and lease offering


Anonymous said...

Sounds like bankruptcy is just around the corner.
That would go good with some of the "talent" that's left.
Still hard to fathom they added to the editorial board... that is so divisive...just what they need.
Predictable stories or opinions by old people...boy- that will attract new readers.
Even some of the sports writers are old enough to be grandpas.
Clearly... clueless and confused.

Anonymous said...

I guess a few republican endorsements aren't going to save them.


Anonymous said...

Built for $199 Million as part of the so called downtown Renaissance

Anonymous said...

46 million? I wonder what these properties are valued at on the county tax rolls.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the city gave them so much money to build a giant printing press when they knew print would be dead in 20 years.

This city deserves no flush toilets once the pipes break. Maybe they can clean up the sewers with their corporate welfare checks.

Anonymous said...

In other words they are in deep shit and need cash now, but still want to try to survive because they can not see the handwriting on the wall. Following the Eddie Lampert model over at Sears Holdings will only get you where Sears and Kmart are, without a doubt, headed. The start has to either change the type of media business it wishes to be in or there is little chance it will ever be influential or a successful business again. Print media is the model "A" of the century.

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