Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Kansas City Sunday Start

Quick peek at just a few links to start Sunday. Here's the roundup . . .

More Kansas City Fighting On The Way
Demetrious Johnson Will Attempt To Make History In Kansas City
Dead Tree Media Talks Women Scorned
'Every word out of his mouth is a lie': Women say Lenexa man wooed them, ripped them off
Public Radio Pop Culture Bias???
White Nostalgia Didn't Start With Trump - Just Look At Classic Rock
Golden Ghetto Slap Fight Aftermath
Both sides of political spectrum hold rallies in Johnson County
Typical Independence Ave. Sat. Night
One injured in shooting in Kansas City's Northeast area
JoCo First Responder Winning
Woman, cat rescued from Overland Park apartment fire
MCI Works Fine
Kansas City International Airport Passenger Traffic Up in January - Kansas City infoZine
And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

save kci!

reject the new terminal porkbarrel project!

Anonymous said...

"White Nostalgia Didn't Start With Trump - Just Look At Classic Rock"

This KCUR joke of a hit piece is a perfect example of how libtards manufacture their bullshit. They spend two paragraphs trying to tell the world what Trump's mindset is, as if they speak on his behalf, and then they spend the rest of the article shaking a finger as if Trump is responsible for the shit and suppositions the writer cooked up. Show me anywhere that Trump has actually communicated the twisted logic the writer implies in this junior grade, amateur story, by a little ass wipe libtard fake journalist?

Anonymous said...

"The women in Richard Scott Smith's life - the many women - have a story to tell. It is, they say, a story of financial fraud, personal deceit and, in at least one case, bigamy"

This feller sounds like damn near every guy's ex-wife.

Anonymous said...

Fiesta Square Apartments more and more another hell hole for welfare scammers and that other lazy ass race to live in.

Anonymous said...

"White Nostalgia...."

How ironic that they picked Springsteen as their example. He hates Trump, Trump voters and actively campaigned for Hillary.

I love it when they eat their own.

Anonymous said...

MCI is awesome as is. Maintain it and it should last another 40 years. But KC leaders would rather let the place go so they can spend, spend, spend on a major refurb or replacement.

Anonymous said...

No new Airport. They haven't taken care of their responsibility for the graves on Airport property. Open POD A and have a third more gates then now.