Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Kansas City Sunday Night Look

The enduring angelic hotness of Candice Swanepoel also advocates for a celebration of breastfeeding . . . At least for international lingerie models. Accordingly, we add these local mainstream media tidbits to our feed in order to provide journalistic sustenance and food for thought for our blog community as we take a pause for Sunday night.

Drink it in . . .

Kansas City Family Tribute After Tragedy

Family says death of 2 children in Kansas City crash could have been prevented

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With hundreds of green and blue balloons in tow, dozens of family members and friends gathered in the Sugar Creek park Sunday to remember 9-year-old Brian and 5-year-old Dustin Moyer. "The two [of them] were a pair. Both brothers, you couldn't separate them," said Jimmy Moyer, the boys' uncle.

Kansas City Dead Tree TIF Advocacy

Editorial: Effort to crack down on TIF development subsidies goes way too far

Missouri Rep. Brandon Ellington insists he's not trying to kill tax increment financing, the controversial method of subsidizing development projects in supposedly blighted parts of Kansas City. But that's what his legislation now working its way through the General Assembly might do if it becomes state law.

Downtown KCMO Promo This Week

March Madness to reach a 'Beautiful' crescendo this week

The NCAA Midwest Regional; the championship round of the NAIA Men's Basketball Championship; and next week's Kansas City debut of a Beautiful smash-hit musical top the list of a wild and inspiring stretch ahead in Downtown Kansas City.

Golden Ghetto Inferno Aftermath

Crews battle house fire in Merriam

MERRIAM, Kansas - Overland Park and Shawnee firefighters battled a house for about 40 minutes Friday before bringing the fire under control. No one was injured in the fire, which was at the 10100 block of West 65th Street in Merriam, Kansas.

Deadline For TKC Hero

Jimmy Breslin, Legendary New York City Newspaper Columnist, Dies at 88

Jimmy Breslin, the New York City newspaper columnist and best-selling author who leveled the powerful and elevated the powerless for more than 50 years with brick-hard words and a jagged-glass wit, died on Sunday. He was 88, and until very recently, was still pushing somebody's buttons with two-finger jabs at his keyboard.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for tonight . . .

Hopefully, we'll have BREAKING/EXCLUSIVE NEWS, discussion, debate, discourse and all kinds of good stuff for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

There are 500,000 stories in Kansas City.

Most of them have bbq stains.

Greedo said...

This week KU fans come to Kansas City to cheer for a guy who allegedly threatened to mercilessly beat a female basketball player. And I guess to remind us that the Sprint Center is still just one big broken promise to voters about getting a professional hockey or baskeball team. It's still just amateur hour and a place for concert tours to kick off burn out.

Anonymous said...

KC will hit 100 degrees this week and that's when our crime really starts to get out of control.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Someone needs to hit you in the head for that stupid comment.

Bob said...

9:31, it was a stupid thing to say, but it did not violate any criminal law I'm aware of, nor was it a violation of Title IX. If every college athlete got suspended for saying stupid things, there would be no college sports. (Which, come to think of it, would be OK with me.)

Anonymous said...

Quoting Jerry Riffel on TIF is like asking the devil if he likes sin.