Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Kansas City Saturday News Link Leg Up

Lucy Collett remains one of the top hottie models in the world thanks to her groundbreaking work to make body acceptance the norm . . . This trend even inspires regular non-hotties to stop trying to lose weight . . . Which brings us to life if our cowtown and this weekend news blast . . .

Kansas City Burns Today
Fire damages home near 51st, Michigan
Show-Me Crackdown On Books
Missouri Gov. Eric Greiten's Budget Plan Could Cost Public Libraries Millions
Stand Your Ground Stays Losing In Kansas
Top Kansas court rejects tougher rule in self-defense cases
On Tap For Today
Tap List | Snake Saturday Suds
Spring Training Season Of Hype Continues
Weekend Rumblings - News for March 11, 2017
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

^^^Your that's a silly freaking rag.

Anonymous said...

Irish drinks!

Anonymous said...

Fuck Grieten!