Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Northeast News features the most comprehensive explanation the animal shelter issue and offers both a critical and balanced perspective on one of the few ballot decisions for the upcoming April election that actually enjoys grassroots support. Take a look:

Why the KCMO animal shelter seeks new digs

By Paul Thompson Northeast News March 22, 2017 Kansas City, Missouri - On top of a former landfill, within a flood plain, and inside of a converted construction storage building, you'll find the third-largest open admission, no-kill animal shelter in the country.

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Anonymous said...

It really costs 14 million for a dog shelter? I could be wrong but isn't that like over $200 a square foot? Seems a "little" excessive. Pretty sure you could get a really nice Morgan building for about half that cost, couldn't you. I mean, no offence, but it is an animal shelter right?
Then again we probably shouldn't doubt or question Sly and the gang. They know what's best for us.